Getting advice of Lucid Dreaming... from DCs

I had a lucid dream earlier this morning in which I found myself in a large home speaking to a middle-aged couple. I don’t recall how I came into lucidity, but I did. I started to fade out and lose the dream, and the woman in the dream actually told me to say “Increase lucidity.” I did, and regained control of the dream for a short period of time.

Has anyone else had a DC give you hints as to how to reestablish lucidity? Is this just a manifestation of my LD knowledge?


Wow, that’s cool!

I’ve been wanting to speak to my subconscious and ask him/her/it if he/she/it can help me get better at LD’ing, either “pulling some strings” or giving me tips.

One of my most recent LDs was caused when a DC ran past me saying “What are you so worried about? It’s a dream!” :spinning: :mrgreen: (I was stressing because I had unintentionally killed two IRL friend DCs in the dream)

My very first LD was caused by a conversation between an IRL friend DC and me, though I did come to the “I’m dreaming” conclusion by myself.

DC can be so funny. And yet so helpful. :content:

PS: Welcome to LD4all alehar!!! :welcome: Why not post an introduction in this topic?

I asked an old man how to fly. He seemed to have known how to explain it in the past, but not for a long time. He said “let’s see… First you have to lay down.” He did not explain further.

My grandma got me lucid one time, we were just talking and she said: “you do know your dreaming dont you?”.I did an RC and sure enough i was dreaming…

a DC of a musician I like / vaguely know / understand a lot came out of a closet and told me “you disappear because you zen out too much, in a dream you don’t let yourself space you focus in on intricate details” and i found the advise helpful.