Getting back into Lucid Dreaming, needs some advice?

Hey guys, haven’t been on the forum in awhile. I’ve been wanting to get back into Lucid Dreaming for awhile now. I just had my own experience a few nights ago and it was pretty awesome. But my main problem is I’m having trouble getting back into it. I’ve been lazy with my dream recall and I haven’t been wanting to recall it at all, especially when I get a Lucid Dream my dreams are always blurry/foggy and I tend to get afraid to move around and explore. Most of my dreams are vivid as well. I’m looking for the best technique to get me practicing Lucid Dreaming but I my recall is really bad right now, not as good as it’s used to be. If anyone can help me out with my problem with this I’d be appreciated. And like I said I have issues when I do have a LD I tend to fear to explore my surroundings when I’m aware what’s going on. And I do plan on keeping a Dream Journal on the site “If that will help me increase my recall.” Sorry if that came off rude, I’ve been having problems with recall lately. But yeah if I can get some help with getting back into it, etc I would appreciate it. :smile: And sorry if I already asked this, what technique would be beneficial for beginners? Sorry if its going off topic. DEILD, DILD, and WBTB seems to work for me but I have trouble with WBTB. Thank you.

Hello Ryuke,

I would suggest getting you a dream journal ASAP! Its all about disciplining yourself. :write:
My mind is always thinking, “what’s the point of LDing if you can’t remember the experience?” No matter how foggy the dream is, write down :write: what you see ((or get a recorder, I use my phone sometimes)), felt, heard, etc. Who was there? what colors did you see? The recall gets better the more your able to recall ((every dream is practice)). Whenever I don’t feel like writing my dreams ((getting lazy :bored: )), I always go back and read old dream entries to remind myself why dream recall is important.
example from my dream journal:
dream entry1 was only three sentences of recall :neutral:
dream entry15 was 2 pages of dream recall :eek: :fly:

Try taking 90 minute naps early morning or afternoon.

You just need a little motivation. I try to watch or read something about LDing every other day. This forum helps with staying motivated, especially reading all the awesome things people are doing :fly: :obe:

Good Luck and sweet dreams :wiske: :write:

Yeah, what She said! :grin:

I would only like to add that when it comes to techniques give yourself time. WBTB is universally good because of the fact that is doing and that is interrupting your sleep cycle, raising your awareness which you need and then putting you back into sleep cycle “cutting down” the time to enter dream/lucid dream. So yes use WBTB. It doesn’t have to be every night, mostly when you feel like it. Then DILD and DEILD will become something normal and logical to do.

Also when it comes to dream recall from my own personal experience DJ is the best tool. There is practically no downsides to a DJ or at least I’m not aware of any and you can try different foods and drinks that are known to boost dream recall, for this information you can search here the forums(it was discussed already) or you can google it.

Good luck! :content: Keep a dream journal!