Getting back into lucid dreams as a busy adult with insomnia

In middle school, when I frequented the old forum with the username “Magic Qwan”, I had a few dozen brief moments of lucidity using MILD and DILD.

…Then happened.

I turn 27 years old next month. I’m not the 12-year-old naive kid I used to be back when I used to be on this website. I’ve developed a binge eating disorder, and I often struggle to meet deadlines at my job due to pretty bad ADHD-PI (predominantly innattentive… I’m not hyperactive…if anything I’m under-active and sluggish). I figure Lucid Dreaming may be a healthy outlet for me if I ever can get my insomnia under control as well.


I would suggest creating a nightly routine. This make take some time to figure out what works and what order of exercises to do but once you do find a routine that works, a major hurtle has been overcome.

I personally have struggled with a variety of vices through my life and have found I need to ■■■■ those off and give my body and mind time to set my sleep intention.

I wouldn’t eat for as long as you can before sleeping. 2 hours minimum I would try for. And if you are going to eat something I would recommend orange old cheddar cheese. Just plain from the fridge. I know people think this is not effective but I personally do find that it helps. If not chemically, at least by means of placebo.

Try standing at the end of your bed for 5-10 minutes and visualize yourself sleeping. Tell yourself out loud your intention to get into bed and fall asleep peacefully and that you want to lucid dream about ______. While finding your sleep routine I would set my intentions on dreaming about easily obtained settings. You said you were young when Lucid dreaming. Try saying our kid that you intend to lucid dream about playing in your school yard. Something or somewhere you can visualize in waking life no problem.

Soft music may help with any racing thoughts and keep you grounded in your intention of Lucid dreaming. The last thing you should be doing is daydreaming about said location. Pretend like you are there and replay situations that come to mind.

This may seem trivial to go through this process and play around with it for who knows how long, but your mind is powerful and it will do what you tell it to… eventually.

And once you have this piece working well for you, I would recommend we talk some more and you can become comfortable with the idea of facing day to day obstacles, that you may be finding hard to manage in life, and bringing them into your lucid dreams. Weather you are awake or sleeping your nero pathways can be rerouted and built up in your dreams for more strength and comfort when faced with whatever it is you decide to work on while lucid dreaming.

Take the process slow, and enjoy the Lucid dreams that bring you joy and relaxation. Keep your practice up and the Mind will begin to present you with a path to healing when it knows you are ready to go deeper.

I hope I wasn’t too direct and only am for you to have freedom in your life. Direct message me if you have questions. New to this site, I’m not even sure if that’s an option.

Sending positive energy your way.