Getting close?

Well I guess I should introduce myself :peek: , or sorta re-introduce myself :tongue:

I joined AWHILE back when I first started my Lucid Dreaming journey. I was doing very good I think but never mastered it. I only achieved great dream recall (5-8 dreams recalled a night) and a few low level LDs. But as I said it’s been awhile and I sort of pushed back Lucid Dreaming in the back of my head for well over a year or two. However, I’m back and more serious and ready to finally learn how to learn to Lucid Dream.

I’m starting over from the beginning and that begins with my recall, which btw has really took a toll since my break. I can probably recall only a single fragment of dream a night now if I’m lucky. Oh well I’ll just keep practicing till it builds up again, though a few tips would be appreciated :content:

Anyways the only technique I really used to practice was MILD but yesterday I read a little bit about WILD and decided to try it for the first time. What I did was as I lay in bed I slowed down my breathing and relaxed my body by breathing IN, tense, breathe OUT and release. After a while I started counting,“1-I’m dreaming, 2-I’m dreaming, etc.” Sometimes I would lose count and get distracted (couldn’t stop thinking about random things). I didn’t see any HI but after awhile my body felt really relaxed and light, sorta like a floaty feeling and I heard a buzzing/electric ring type of sound. Also I felt some sort of tingling or pressure in the middle of my forehead just in between my eyes (mind’s eye?). But thats where it ended as I felt uncomfortable in my position and just rolled over and fell asleep :ack:

Was I anywhere close to WILD and was I doing it right? I heard you should try visualizing an object or scenario and just stay aware until you reach that object/scenario in the dream. Not to sure but some input would help. Sorry bout the long-winded post, I know I went on a bit too long :hide: hehe


Sounded close from what I’ve heard about WILD… I am a MILDer myself, never had a WILD

I’ve experienced pretty much the same thing while attempting WILD’s, usually accompanied by a light, “Floating” experience as if I’m bieng pulled off my bed by some negative gravity or something, but every time so far I got fidgety and readjusted my arms or something which brought me out of it. Haven’t had a WILD or MILD yet either.

EDIT: my bad, I didnt see the “floaty” part of yours before posting first.

Hi. :wave:

I think listening to that buzzing sound is important - but I just wrote something about this up a minute ago… Click here so I don’t get carpal tunnel. :tongue:

As far as I can tell, I believe you’re doing WILD right, you got the part where you go through HH wich was the floaty feeling and the buzzing sound (I only wish I had this) Keep it up, and try to stay concious during this buzzing (I think my HH are when I hear voices or laughter and it startles me!) Keep it up, and don’t quit, practice makes perfect! :content:

Cool thanks for the replies, maybe WILD might be the method for me. I’m still trying to improve my dream recall, which isnt going as well as I liked, but I know what I’m doing wrong. As soon as I get my dream recall up to where I like I’m going for all out lucid dreams :fly: