Getting closer to a WILD Success

Last night i came closer than i have in having a lucid dream. I was laying on my back, and i say my HI. Every time i see my HI i get this feeling like i am being shaken up and down, and sometimes right and left. This time, it was both. Then my HI became more vivid, and i suddenly felt like my arm was on my chest and it had shrunk. (and i could almost see it) IRL it was to my side. Then suddenly i felt like i was doing a backwards summersalt (spelling?) and then i started to hear HS. Im not sure what was real and what wasnt. First i heard my cats running around. Then it sounded like the house was creeking (it hasnt done that in a while), then i heard thunder. I did my best to stay relaxed, but i eventually woke up (i had no SP).
After i woke up, i was really cold(and it was over half an hour later), so i threw a blanket over me, but it turned out i had a cut on my toe and i couldnt relaxe, so i gave up and rolled onto my side and fell asleep.

Maybe ill have a success tonight!!

Well done !! I can’t even recall dreams :happy: