Getting control

Last night I was on a bus when I realized I was dreaming. But I wasn’t in control. There was still “someone else” driving the bus. I wanted to go back and look at the Miyazaki castle we had just passed. I tried to will myself off the bus, but as you can guess, that didn’t work.

Any suggestions for getting control once you’re lucid?

one thing that i have problems with is letting go… let go of the doubt and do not try to direct the bus, just do it, know it will happen :smile:
I found this very obvious in my recent dream state where I had troubles doing what I wanted, and suddenly i just confidently let go, everything changed :smile:
Maybe it’s a good idea to start with small things perhaps? Sit down and try to move small objets and work your way up to cars etc. Keep reminding yourself that the boundaries of waking life can be broken just like that, encourage yourself to get out of waking life ‘thinking’… anything is possible :smile:

I did a little better this morning.

I dreamed my husband and I were crossing the street and a car clipped him. I flipped off the driver and the car turned around and came back for me. Then I realized I was dreaming and I knew the car would fly into pieces when it hit me. I could see it happening as I woke up.

Thanks for the advice!