Getting Desperate!

its been 2 weeks and still not a single Lucid Dream, grrrrr, i know that it takes patience but i’m not the most patient person on the planet.

I’ve been milding+wbtb everyday, reality checking, everything, and still nothing…

somebody help me!!! :cry:

you sound as though your in dire need of a LD, i have an idea. Im curious to see how far my psychic abilitys and all have evolved over all these years of yoga, meditation, AP ect. so what im purposeing is that simply give me your name and i will wish it that you have an LD tonight while im meditating. if i succed then you will. so its a win win situation, if you get an LD, i also get the satisfaction that i did good with my natural mental abilitys.

try not trying too hard. For a few nights don’t try any methods at all. Instead, right before sleep make a promise or intention to be lucid that night, then go to bed without thinking anymore of it.


My name is Wes Wade.

k i’ll try that too, i had someone sleepover last night and didn’t do anything so maybe something will happen tonight.

no LD last night but 5 super vivid dreams, with one mention of Dreaming during one of the dreams.

You just have to be patient and keep trying. if you really are finding your going no where, try stopping your techs.

Basucally, don’t take RC’s, don’t use any techs, and try and avoid thinking about LD’ing (so don’t visit this site or read any books on it). Keep on taking a DJ though (if you aren’t already - you should. they help ALOT).

After a week or two of this go back to your techs, and try even harder.

That is a sigh of improvement so keep practicing. I know you are feeling frustrated but don’t give up. If you stay with it you will succeed.

Taking a break can help and so can trying a different technique. I.e., if you use MILD maybe try WILD for a while or if you have not tried WBTB yet give that a try. Anyway you get the idea. Either way you are on the right track.

because of our time differance, im going to meditate from the moment i hit submit and trun off the comp to tomorrow around this time, think i can pull it off? well i hope so. wish me luck.

Your luck is wished!!!

Well i think i’ll give it maybe a few more weeks and then i’ll try your suggestion sureal, oh and yes i do keep a dream journal.

What is wild anyway. (to stupid and lazy to look it up)

I used to be like that too.

Wild is somethign I used to specialize in. It is letting your body fall asleep while your mind remains concious. It is very interesting, but I stopped cuz it was scary.

Anyways, trying too hard and stuff is not bad, but it’s getting discouraged by lack of results that is bad.

You are like me. 2 weeks won’t do it. Try for one month. And if that does not work, try the WILD like I did.

Keep your dream book,
Do your rcs,
Try MILD, WILD, WBTB(definately), and try my MOLD tech ^,^

Anyways, it’ll happen eventually.
Patience is a virtue, and theres nothing you can do about it unless you feel like cheating and using a brainwave generator or a novadreamer or something. ^,^

Don’t worry, it’ll work out.

Okay, I guess not making a DJ has been a big mistake for me, too. I should probably start as soon as my next dream.

Thanks for the advise, I WILL NOT GET DISCOURAGED.

Also since i’m a noob, should i MILD for recall, which isn’t bad, or should i MILD for a LD, which hasn’t happened?

MILD for Recall if it is bad. MILD for Ld if recall is good. ^,^

sounds good!!!1


Just another quick tip to add. Try not to look at lucid dreaming as a chore. When doing RC, keeping a journal or practicing induction techniques. Keep it fun and exciting for yourself. When you go to bed feel excited about the lucid dreams you are going to have tonight. I think it helps a lot.

Not a big mistake… a HUGE mistake! Along with RC’s, the DJ is amoung the most important factors in LDing!

And don’t start next dream… start BEFORE your next dream! The idea isn’t to remember your dream. The idea is you remember you’ve to update your DJ which inadvertantly causes you to “remember to remember” your dream! Basically: START NOW!

yeah my recall is pretty good i remember 5 dreams a night but i have to write them down or i don’t remeber anything, like last night (oopS)

i’ll try the feeling excited thing!

I got my first 2 LDs this night.
After six months of trying.

Congratulations moppe :partying_face:

:doublegrin: :clap: :thumbs:

wow six months