Getting good at beating up threats, but issue last night...

Hi all, I’m 13, and I have usually induced LD’s by RC’s and beaten up whatever threat is attacking me. But last night, I had a peculiar dream involving my dad.

My dad was yelling at me, and I somehow realized it was a dream. I usually would have beat him up right there, but he’s my dad, and dB_FTS told me to practice lucidity stability.
I tried focusing on something else, to make dad go away, but I could still hear him yelling… i then went over to the wall. I put my fingers in the wall, and they slowly sank in… it was AWESOME! i tried again, but this time the wall broke in the shape of a hole in my wall upstairs(Since dreams are collections of thoughts from the day, I’m guessing since i saw the hole yesterday, that’s how it came about in my dream.)
I freaked out, and went out the window… I lost lucidity at this point, and feel like I made some progress! I feel like im ready to start trying abilities…any advice?