Getting high in your LD's...

Okay, this topic may not be appropriate, and if it isn’t, I didn’t know and feel free to delete the topic.

Okay, so I’m gonna start by telling you all that I smoke a lot of pot. Like, a LOT. Anyway, I’m cutting down on it, I’m getting to slow at things lol. But being high is like a second nature to me. So I was wondering, if I were to smoke a bowl in a dream, since I smoke a lot and am used to being high and everything, would my brain process that I’m smoking, and would I actually get a ‘high’ feeling in my dream? I’ve been wondering this for a while, but just remembered to post a ? about it. I did a search on it and came up with nothing.

Thanks for your help, and if anyone sees fit to delete my topic, it’s cool, no hard feelings :content:

Hi Deltron 3030!
It is likely that if you became fully lucid or had a high level of control and/ or awareness that smoking in a dream would be exactly as you percieve it in real life.

Basicly if you fall asleep with the intention of getting high in a dream and then go lucid it would feel the same.

There are many accounts of people getting high in dreams. Check out some of the other forums. It is especially wierd when people who have never tried any drugs get high. In this case, getting high is how they imagined it and nothing more- but since you obviously smoke a lot as you say- it is likely to be incredibly realistic!

Hope that helps…

yeah it does, I was thinking that, kind of the same with eating. Thanks.

Hello Deltron 3030,

I would be one of those people that have gotten high in there dreams. I quit drugs about 4 years ago, but every now and then still have a dream where i’m getting high. Personaly, i think the high in a dream surpassed how it feels IRL. One thing is for sure whenever i do dream about it, i can expect some realy wierd dreams for the rest of the night. When I wake up in the morning after one of those dreams, I actualy felt like I got high earlier. But thats all in your head :tongue:

I’ve heard Terence Mckenna say that he had smoked DMT in dreams and that it was just like the real thing.

I see nothing inappropiate about this post… But anyways, i think you definitely would experience something when smoking in a dream. I have never really got to try pot in my waking life, but i have had alcohol in dreams and it felt very realistic. I also did drugs including pot in dreams, and it definitely made me feel altered, but it is for sure nowhere near realistic as i havent had such a experience in waking life.

I think you can recreate pretty much everything that you have once experienced in waking state.

Yeah thats what I was thinking, thanks guys, lol I wanna go to sleep and smoke a blunt now… :tongue:

I probably need to improve my LD skills first though, it probably has to be a high lucidity LD too, like eating and stuff.

I got high in my dream last night. I’ve been out of weed for a while now, so that was one of the first things I decided to do when I found out I was dreaming. The best part about getting high in dreams is that you can do it in public! :happy:

One more question, does the bud taste like IRL, and can you feel it in your throat? I like the high, but i LOVE the taste of marijuana smoke, and everything. Lol I’m sucha fiend…

Food is usually extremely tasty in dreams, so if you like cannabis IRL i can only guess that it too would be delicious in a dream. I havn’t tried it yet though.

I was able to do it again in a dream last night! :happy:

See here for details: … 826#188826

Man, i cant wait for an LD!!! Ive had a dream (not LD) where i was pretty stoned and like, walking around the city, but it would be soooo much better if you knew you were dreaming.
How good would that be to walk around your mindscape really, really, really high. While huge Colourful sky boats fly past and dragons pour out of the moon, and monkeys chill and have a joint with u…Wow, that would be cool, good luck buddy!

At least in theory, when your body and mind is used to smoking pot, doing so in a very lucid dream can get you high IRL because of the placebo effect. I have no proof of this, but it sounds very logical to me :smile:

There are lots of studies showing that a placebo can be almost as effective as the real drug when you already took the real thing and your body “knows” its effects. This is NOT pure imagination, it even works with drugs to strengthen the immune system. Placebos can also stimulate the harmful effects of the real drug, so again, be careful.

I had a dream last night where I smoked some plastic seaweed from my aqarium…it tasted like mint and gave me a buzz like when you drink wine :tongue:

I think it’s possible. This mind-altering thing could be taken to different levels, though. Think of what it would be like to feel the mind of a wolf, for example.

lol for real, take on the roll of a dog and run around high that would be awesome.

I know the feeling exactly. There’s a sereness that is almost as good an LD when done right.