Getting into SP

okay… so for about 2 months now every night ive been practicing for a WILD every night but i cant get into SP. :grrr: It’s kinda getting me angry cuz ill lay there for half an hour, even listen to a guided relaxation of some sort sometimes, wont move a muscle, completely relaxed and all that happens is my arms and legs feel heavy. No matter how long i lay there it never gets paralyzed. So this is kinda a problem obviously for WILDs and APs. any help on how to get to full SP? Thanks :content:

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I can’t get into SP fully either. However each time I feel i’m getting closer. At some stage i think I started experiencing Semantic HI. What has helped me to improve? Not wanting it as much. You seem to want to achieve LD too much. That is why people get punding heart and heavy breathing etc… Try it after 5-6 h of sleep where you will be so sleepy you won’t be all excited about WILD and the whole process seems to go so much more smoothly (for me anyways). Having said that, I still haven’t achieved LD, so opinion of someone more experienced may prove to be more useful.

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Now, I don’t know about not wanting it too much, but Sirhubi has the right idea :razz:.

If you’re focusing on your body and/or you’re trying it when you first go to sleep it’s very unlikely you’ll hit SP. Thinking to yourself “OH MY ARM IS TINGLING!” is only going to make you focus on your body, where as the biggest thing that can help is ignoring your body.

But the biggest thing I think you should know is that SP is not a necessary step to WILD or lucid dreaming in general. It can help sometimes, but you don’t need it at all. Out of about 140 LD’s, I can count the number of SP induced LD’s on one hand.

Here, I really suggest you read my article on WILD: linky

The thing you need to realize is that all the guides for WILD everywhere are just a basic template, they don’t work for everyone. Well, just check out that article and you’ll see my feelings on them :razz: