Getting more high lucidity

I’ve realized something like 95% of my LD’s are low lucidity and I end up just having fun with powers, exploring houses, or having sex, without having much of that realization and being able to be, well, more aware. One of the problems that comes with this is that it’s hard to remember and properly do tasks, specially when I’m trying to practice staying longer in my LD’s, being more aware of my surroundings and senses and even trying to increase lucidity. Don’t get me wrong, these dreams can be awesome, but I’d really like to get some higher lucidity!

Anyone have any experience in having more low lucidity LD’s and being able to turn that around? Any particular techniques/approaches/mantras/mindsets? I’m sure meditation, LL and ADA would help a lot, and I’m trying to really get into it. I should probably start trying to do more WBTB’s too…

Today i read about memory and ect. There was great exercise about remembering things in future. You should make 4 goals every day for a week,they have to be different every day. For example
Monday :

  1. When i see a bird ( do your task )
  2. When catch yourself buying something ( do your task )
  3. When you look into mirror ( do your task )
  4. when you hear some1 laughing (do your task)
  5. When you hear a music ( do your task )
  6. When you hear your name ( do your task )
  7. When you see white car ( do your task )
  8. When you check hours ( do your task )
    and ect.

This training should improve you part of memory which is responsible for remembering things in future :wink: i hope i understood your problem and helped you.

This same exact memory training did LaBerge in his development of MILD tech for mnemonic memory. It is very good technique but it’s more focused on RC’ing which is good but still superficial.

Like you said mattias, meditation and LL are the crucial key and we discussed that many times before :content: but I would like to point out how good WBTB can be. In my experience early morning like 4 or 5am WBTB is not really possible because I share a room with my brother but I like to do WBTB from 6am and later.

Dreams from WBTB are really good and gaining lucidity is much easier. Your brain works much much better after one which I know you already know. But I guess that your problem is not knowing how to do but actually not doing of what you already know…

Sometimes I do have the same exact problems and I’m too not very persistent with LL or mediation!

Good luck though! :content:

Doesn’t LaBerge’s “4 targets a day” technique sort of force you to do LL?
If you want to notice your targets as soon as you get the chance then you will obviously be very aware about everything in order to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Well mattias, since you get a lot of lucid dreams already, I think you just need to get back into the mindset of being really lucid. Get a couple of really lucid dreams in quick succession, and maybe your high lucidity will stick with you.

I read your DJ time to time, and from that know most of your lucid dreams are DILDs. Have you ever tried WILD? They could help you get high lucidity dreams, and you’ll be able to get in that lucidity-mindset.

Or your low lucidity blues could be a lack of motivation.

@petras (and Laurelindo): I’ve actually never tried that one. But I can’t remember to to RC when one thing happens, I couldn’t keep track of 4 :lol: but I guess I should give it a try some day.

@dB_FTS: I really should do more WBTB’s as my most amazing LD’s (high lucidity) were after WBTB’s after about 8 hours of sleep :razz: So yes, part of the problem is making me get up for it. Also, meditation, etc. Although I made this post considering my low lucidity over the years, a long term problem. On the other hand, I guess a long term problem can be solved by using short term solutions and learning how to extend them!

@Kache_: Yes, most of my LD’s are DILD’s. I have had many WILD’s as well, but they are all accidental. Or they are lucky DEILD’s or I just find myself in the right place, as in losing awareness and getting it back when I get HI. I’ve never been able to go from awake to LD directly like that. I’ll try to remember to give WILD some tries, though.

What really sucks is that when I get really good at LD’ing (very motivated, excellent DR and lucidity almost every single day) something happens IWL that makes me lose my focus or get a bit too stressed. I’ve had the thought “hey, I’m getting a hang of this!” a few times only to slide back down to lame DR :razz: I’m motivated again so I’ll keep going untill I have to start waking up early again, which wounds my motivation deeply :sad:

Anyway, thanks for the replies!

Yes but only in a very small way. Those are 4 things in LL you should pay attention on as much things you can, although this is a start too.

Man, I don’t know which I would like more, having more lucidity but shorter or having less lucidity but longer. I have the second one and I’m not satisfied as I would like to be…

Well good luck! :content:

Same here!

@Kache: I almost WILD’ed this morning :happy: I’m going to try more. The problem is that WILD usually demands so much more energy from me and I’m usually sleepy :cry:

EDIT: I ended up doing a tiny WBT this morning. It was funny because I don’t think I remember consciously thinking "ok, time for WBTB, yet I stayed a wake a few minutes in bed, kinda sleepy, but it worked. I had some “medium” lucidity which didn’t last that long, but it’s a good start. I have many FLD’s too :smile:

Aww, sweet. WILD is a lot more work than DILDs xD Just stay motivated and you’ll get there :smile:

I don’t know,but WILD was natural for me :meh: it is really hard to fell a sleep for me,i just keep thinking and thinking after a while used to feel like balloon filling up in my scull and hearing low sound voices. I started reading over the internet what the hell is that,that’s how i found out about lucid dreaming :smile:) WBTB , DILD , MILD nothing else works for me at all :meh: ( i’m doing this since april,also everyday about 2~4 hours i’m reading about lding,techniques and other people tips/experiences )

I forgot to try WILD, or even WBTB again. I got distracted by Dwarf Fortress :roll:. I’ll try to try harder tonight! :tongue: thanks for all the tips