Getting My Body Back.

I’m having trouble with this: last night, an interesting dream sign caused me to RC and become lucid—but the problem was, my physical self soon disappeared, leaving me in an abstract, visual plane with no touch input to bind me. Then I woke up.

How can one prevent this?

I have also experienced something similar. I have had an LD where my physical self basically disintegrates into nothingness and I become an abstract mind in the dream. I lose all tangibility. I would also like to know the answer to this question, if anyone here on LD4all has a solution.

If you lose the dream scene and end up in a black/white/grey nothingness then that’s commonly refered to as the void. I’ve read about some people having multi-coloured fractal style visions as well, which sounds cool. (Mine is just black or grey) :smile:

The key here is to relax, not panic about it. This is merely a new dream forming. If you can remain calm and patient, the dream will continue and your body will reform. Even better, attempt to visualise a scene or a place you wish to go.

Jer - if you lose your body but are still in a dream scene then you could attempt to possess another DC or simply ask (or demand) out loud to your subconcious to give you a body.

Here an article about dream control that might give you some ideas on how to overcome this.

EDIT: You could also google ‘lucid dreaming the void’, which is what I did when this first happened to me.

Thanks, obfusc8! I never panicked, but was only irritated at seeing a LD go to waste.

there are a few different ways to control the void
often waiting works, but for some people it can lead to a false/real awakening.

if you tend to be like this, you could try a few things.

  1. expect to have a body. Don’t even think about the fact that you don’t, but just pretend you do. Since you are inside your mind, if you believe you have one, you will. Then it’s just a case of doing a normal anchoring/stabilisation technique e.g. rubbing your hands together.

  2. if your void is like the typical void (with no scenery or body, just floating in blackness) then picture a scene, and try to interact with it. For example, if the scene you are picturing is a beach, then get down on all fours (same technique as i mentioned earlier) and start feeling around on the ground, EXPECTING to feel sand. eventually you will. Then just rub it between your fingers, and soon the rest of the dream will materialise around you.

hope this helped :smile:


Now I’m wondering how many consecutive dreams one could potentially have.

I’ve arrived in both the multicolored fractal (my favorite by far) and the monochromatic abstract spaces in LD’s. The monochromatic spaces are almost always plane-like or cubist…and, historically, very unpleasant/unwelcoming for some reason. I’ve popped into the abysmally black, 360 degree void once…it was neither pleasant nor unpleasant :smile: The multicolored fractal spaces are gorgeous and awesome to behold and seem to exude this fabulous intelligence, to me…but are hard to relate to beyond that. Neither the multi-colored fractal nor the monochromatic cubist give much of a “take home” message, seemingly…but I definitely prefer the former to the later, thus I tend to try to extend the multi-colored fractal visits as long as possible…while I actively try to extract myself from the monochromatic spaces…usually via waking up.