getting over my fears.

After sll the years Ive spent APing I am just now finaly getting over my fear espesaly the one about APing in the dark. Lastnight I had a cool AP I came out, and floated outside I saw a huge cluster of stars, and I started going toward them. Then the stars started moving toward me, and they were little white bugs, or fireflies. Then I looked down, and wow I was really high up. That scared me alittle bit. Then I saw a APer who was running really fast so I ran slong beside her, and she told me she was going to meet somone named “Windal”. So for some reason I just suddenly got over my fear of APing at night. It wouldnt bother me if I had other people in the AP with, but even if Im alone it still would be OK

Wonderful kava! :clap: To many more AP’s :beer:

What’s the difference between an AP and an OBE?

As far as I know it’s kinda the same.

That what I would like to know, because I thought they were the same too, but people say there is a diffrance.

I did some research (Well looking at wikipedia):



So the term OBE is a more scientific or general term, AP is an esoteric interpretation of an OBE. So when you use AP you think you can go the astral plane or spirit world. I’m a more skeptical person so I’ll use the term OBE, because I think, it all plays in your mind (So nothing is really leaving the body). Use what you want! :wink:

OBE is kind of self explanatory.

AP is like an OBE, but you can go to other planes of existence.

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This is the first spiritual thing I have posted since the fall of the spiritual corner. :toilet:

I looked this up. OBE is a generic term for all projections, be it NDE or AP. Most people think EP is OBE. (Etheric projection)