Getting wounded in dreams?

A friend of mine once told me of a lucid dream he had. He was lucid and decided that he wanted to go fencing. He was fencing until he got wounded in the dream. He woke up and had a I.R.L physical wound at the exact spot that the sword had struck him.
I have no trouble beleiving stories of people getting healed in dreams, so why not getting wounded? I just want to hear if anyone else experienced something like this?

hmm, personally, when I get wounded in dreams Im allways alright when I wake up. I tried killing myself once in an LD, (jumping from a building) I couldve flown but I wanted to see how it felt to hit the ground. but as soon as I touched the floor, everthing went black and starting to feel as If I was spinning. then I woke up.

I have a friend who says he once woke up into a FA, and he saw an alien next to his bed, my friend couldnt speak, no voice would come out, but he sat on his bed, and the alien stood in front of him and blew in his lips. after that, he instantly woke up… for real this time. and his mouth was numb, and it took him like a complete day to overcome the numbness… at first I didnt believe him, but his family told me they remembered that day… (when his mouth was numb for a complete day for no reason)

thats freaky…

I got wounded today! I was climbing a barbed wire fence and I hurt my hands.

Interesting! Did it leave any visual marks? Did you feel afraid in the dream?

Negative, no fear. I got hurt and applied bandages.
It bleeded and made small markings like in reality
I remember I was with that bandages until the ending.

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I wake up with scars. Infact, I still have one from my lucid dream friday night… But I’ve noticed something. This tends to only happen in lucid dreams! In the nightmares I’d get, I became lucid and woke myself up.

That’s a very interesting and curious subject. I just once heard of someone who said she has healed herself in a LD - and to be frank, I didn’t really believe it. I never heard of people who got hurt in LD’s before I saw the post Wyvern’s pointed out.

It’s bizarre because in LD’s you’re naturally sleep paralyzed, thus you theorically can’t hurt yourself (unless you have a slight form of REM Behavior Disorder, in which you act out the movements occurring in your dreams.

I can see another possible rational explanation. You scratch yourself during n-REM sleep when you aren’t sleep paralyzed. Then this hurts a little and it induces a dream in which you get hurt in the same place where you feel the pain.

I was bitten by some sort of worm in a dream at the foot and I had the pain throughout the rest of the day (IRL).

Open your eyes, all around us is a dream. Everything is affected by your toughts, positive thinking is proved benefitial, so why would it not be able to both heal yourself and hurt yourself in a lucid dream? Have there been enough research in this field so that you can say it is not ‘rational’ to beleive in it? Lucid dreaming was not rational to beleive in either before LaBerge started to do research. Remeber: This was NOT long ago.

In a regular dream I had a few months back, my snake bit my on my hand. I’ve been wounded in dreams before and nothing happened, but when i woke up I had a sore red spot on my hand that lasted about a week. It was strange, like my snake actually visited me in my dream or something.

I’ve been hurt alot in dreams but I’ve never had any marks IRL after those dreams. But a few times I’ve felt the pain IRL for a few seconds after waking up though.