ghost dc telling future

in a dream i had a book of my ancestors. then one of my ancestors jumped out of the book they were in a misty ghost form and they told me something of the future. all i remember them saying is something important will happen or something like that after 4 clocks and 4 suns. has anyone experienced any thing like that or knows what it could have ment. i know new years was in 4 days. this dream is realy making me wonder and i feel it has a strong meaning. any thing could help pls…

I had a DC come in our house with his dog. He was robbing us and I tried to pick up a rock to throw at him (which of course changed into a huge boulder that I couldn’t pick up) he ended up leaving. (still in dream) the phone rings and he’s on the phone. He says “we’ll meet again in 20 dfahkjd” I couldn’t understand the last 2 digits of the year that he said.
Haven’t been robbed yet IRL or in my dreams… but I definatly think about it.

wow thats a scary one hope u dont see him again. thanks for the reply

Very Dickensian!

The subconscious language can be infuriating. Here’s something similar from my diary:

Of course, I still haven’t found the treasure. As for future-telling, while it wasn’t a DC, it was a very convoluted dream I had February 11 2010:

want to help with some experiments? Im writing a fiction novel which has to do in part with LD… but im not experienced enough to do the things i need to do.

ya i will help. how would u like me to though ive read alot about lding and have had 9 in the past 3 month

i forgot to do a follow up on this but the only thing that i found that would go together with what the ghost told me about 4 clocks and 4 suns was maybe something would happen 4 days later. nothing happend abnormal during the day so the only thing i can think of is that i had an ld exactly 4 days after the ghost dream. maybe they were telling me when i would have my next ld. other then that who knows.

I once had a dream that I was on the phone with some one and they said that something bad was going to happen to them in real life…

4 clocks and 4 suns would be 6 days… (2 clocks = 1 day) :smile:

if thats the case then i have no clue what they were talking about. maybe it was just a simple

Well something probably did happen 6 days after but maybe it wasn’t signifigant enough for you at the time.

Maybe something happened to someone you know?
An anniversary for something that you don’t remember?

or maybe your subconscious was just messing with you.