Ghostly Dreams with pain?

I wondered, (and this probably already have been asked) if you can be a ghost in a dream and then “walk” into other peoples dreams. Also, can you take “control” of bodies while being a ghost? Finally, is there a way to turn pain “on.” I was stabbed awhile ago in a dream and the pain was very dull. If this has already been answered remove this and send the the link(s) to me in a message.

SomethingBigger (soon to be ruler of the Earth)

Well, I don’t know anything about being a ghost in dreams, but I do know that pain in a dream always seems to be very dull to me…I believe that’s normal, but why would you want to feel it? lol

1-What you’re talking about is shared dreams, and you don’t really have to be a ghost to do that… O_O. But we don’t have any proofs if shared dreams are real or not. Go to the sub-forum called ‘‘Beyond dreaming’’ in the forum index to learn more about it. :razz:

2-Pain comes with the vivdness of the dream, but a lot of people don’t feel it. Oh and trust me, pain isn’t fun, same thing as reality.

I think it would be easier to be a ghost and then go in to your “guy you hate” dreams and then give them horrifying nightmares that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

And I wondered what pain would feel like, really. Surely the bullet to the tummy is bad in real life? Anyways, I just think that normal pain in dreams would make a war zone interesting. (Or very fatal, that it makes me emo, that makes me want to get shot every time.)


Sure, you can be a ghost, and sure you can take control of bodies. It is a dream and as such you are limited only by your own imagination. Pain being dull can be a result of two things most likely, one is that you just didn’t know/think the experience was supposed to be that painful and the other is that your recall was mediocre so you don’t really remember the pain as vividly as it happened.

As far as walking into other people’s dreams that would be called a shared dream. Many people claim to have experienced them but their is obviously no empirical evidence yet as this would indicate some sort of physic link or shared awareness between human beings. Needless to say it would be a monumental discovery.

I’ve dreamed of being a ghost, but never walked into someone else’s dream (that I know of.) I have swapped points of view with dream characters, but never “possessed” them.

Are you really looking for this board?

As for pain, sometimes I have super vivid dreams, other times it’s fuzzy on all the senses. I heard nutrition has something to do with it.

About the pain thing… wasn’t that what shared dreaming was developed for in Inception? That they would let soldiers hurt eachother so they would get used to it.

So if you would be able to get pain in LD’s yeah I guess you could try all that stuff; getting shot or getting your limbs cut off… but I say just make sure it never happens to you.

I’ve never believed that shared dreams are real. I don’t believe that LD are anything supernatural, they just are too complicated for scientist to explain, but they could be explained by science.

Also, I’ve never had pain in a dream. Even when I was hurt in one, I didn’t feel it. I wouldn’t doubt it if you could have pain, but I’m quite sure if you feel too much pain it’ll just wake you up.

I got shot in the back in the dream, all that happened is I fell over onto my front slowly and died. It was very depressing. Then again if you get shot maybe it doesn’t hurt? (Shock)

Got a relevant dream just tonight; was working with dangerous plants… they had spikes all over them and they started eating people, don’t ask. But when I touched them (even with gloves on) I could defenitely feel a sting. Not the pain you would feel IRL but a clear biting sting.

So I guess pain is on or off in a dream depending on the dream… 'cause I have been shot before in a dream and didn’t feel a thing.

I pretty much always feel pain, but about 80% of the felt pain is increased by seeing your wound so really I believe that dream pain differs from person to person.