Giants:Citizens Kabuto

Is anyone here a gamer? Ever played Giants? I think the world that Giants is based on would be a fantastic locale for a lucid dream. Anyone have anywhere that they really want to go next time they find themselves in an LD?

I only played Giants for a breif while, but it was long enough to see you’re inspiration for posting this topic. Giants was one of three games releasd at about the same time which used the whole ‘weird creatures on incredably colourful landscapes’ that would be perfect for a LD setting. The other two were ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Black & White’, in case you were wondering.

I think those types of landscapes are ideal for LDs. Everything is bright and often miscoloured, which creates a surreal, and fantastic world to explore. It would be quite interesting to run from the Giant, or visit the Sea Reapers. :grin:

I loved Giants. Apart from being beautiful I thought it had a great storyline and was funny as Hell. Thought there was some real creativity crammed into thatgame. I’ve played Sacrifice and Black&White as well and you’re right… all three would be great places to hang out in a lucid dream.

There is just something really nice about the way the land looks in those games… very pretty. They’d be nice to fly around… all the mountains and beaches and crags… I really need to get dreaming!

One game that I hope I never have dreams about is the They Hunger mod that Neil Manke made for Half-Life. Zombies… that mod scared the living crap out of me. :smile:

Started playing it a couple of weeks ago.

So far I’m in the early stages of the Reaper missions.

I like the unusual freedom of movement and large landscapes.
The humour is OK but mostly not my, uh, cup of tea, and I generally prefer a game to take itself a bit more seriously.

It’s more fun than Scarifice which really was beautiful and had great dialogue and structure but I found too hard. I’d never played a strategy game before and don’t want to spend days on the same mission so I think difficulty levels would have been helpful. On the Shiny website it said that they are making a Matrix game so that’s an exiting prospect.

Anyway I did have a dream about Giants but I don’t remember it very well. I wasn’t lucid, quite a few things had changed and it was all very confusing.

Oh man! I love the reaper stages the best. I love the “turbo” skill even though I hate the name. I find it exhilirating to make those leaps from hilltop to hilltop. Actually exhilirating. I HAVE to try that in a lucid dream!!!