Girls you would love to dream about...

Share with us the girls you most would like to meet in a dream and… well, you know what I mean. I’ll give you my own recent favorites below, you’ll see that my taste is quite eastern-oriented…

Norika Fujiwara

Japanese actress, a former model. Won the miss Japan contest 1992. EXTREMELY beautiful. … iwara1.jpg


Jeon Ji-Hyun

Korean actress, started out as a model. Star of the lovely korean movie My Sassy Girl, which all of you should see, not only because it features the cutest girl I know of, but because it is a GORGEOUS movie. Sadly, the yankees are now going to ruin everything, by remaking the movie and take all credit from the original :grrr: … “Ringu”, the japanese horror trilogy, went through the same process, and now the original is seen as some kind of weird japanese “version” of the “real” movie, The Ring.
Be that as it may, Jeon Ji-Hyun is simply gorgeous… … t&id=94700 … /qzx_l.jpg … 297196.jpg


Noriko Sakai

She’s a japanese singer. Well, I don’t much about her, but she looks amazingly good…


Now I want YOU to share YOUR opinion on this delightful subject… :good:

I can only come up with one girl i want to… erm talk to in a dream

Elisha Cuthbert

that girl is the basic meaning of the word H-O-T
try and search on google, you’ll see what i meen :grin:

There are quite a few :grin: , but I won’t mention any :tongue:

I find that my mind can make up quite interesting girls, I only find it a bit annoying that I mostly forget what they look like after being awake for a while after the dream :help:. And it’s usually easy for me to remember faces IRL.

no one famous, no models etc. The person i would most want to meet in my dreams is my best friend. I know that odd but yeah shes just… her.

I’m odd leave me alone :tongue:

why go for real people???

personally, i would like nothing more than to meet a couple anime chicks in my dreams…

Kate Beckensale. :content:

Yeah… I like her role as Kim in 24. The show is good as it is but she makes it at least three times funnier to look at :grin:

Well, because you have some kind of connection to them in real life. They’re not just hot girls that appear in your dreams and then vanish. You kind of build admiration for them, and then it would be so damn pleasing to meet them in your dreams. I guess it would be the same to meet someone you really admire for other reasons, like an author, but in another way. It’s more than just a hot lady, you have some kind of connection to her in RL. That’s why I would like to …ehhm… “talk” to some girls from RL, anyway. But of course I would like to go for chicks my imagination has made up too, 'cause whom know my taste better than my subconscious? :smile:

So you would like to meet some anime chicks? Well, you can’t blame us for wanting to meet hot actors and stuff in dreams if you go for animated girls, can you? :tongue:

well, guess not.

but still, i like the idea of anime chicks(<---- who tha F*** came up with that word being a replacement for women???) better.

but thats probably because i tend to get very, absorbed, in a movie or series. probably enough to reinvent the phrase. typically, a single series will induce a lot more fantasies than u can count with just one hand…

but still, why real girls? anime chicks(<—again with that weird word…) are usually drawn without any kind of flaws in the skin, and are almost perfectly symmetrical, which means that by the minds instinctive standards, they look goooooooooooood. by the way i see it, a single good artist can create a person much hotter than what u see on tv…

whatev. this bores me…

good night y’all. hopefully i’l get a visit in my dreams from a certain somebody…

Models,celebrities…for some reason they dont appeal to me much.If i was to choose it would be Carmen Electra,but i still prefere girls next door.My friends or ones i see on the streets.
Actually the most id like to meet my ex girlfriend`s mom…she was damn nice:):slight_smile:

Yeah I’d rather go for girls I know too.

I have some pretty hot friends…

If I had to choose only one, it would be uhm… Keira “Pirates of the Caribbean” Knightley…

Darn it’s hot in here <|:D

And I presume female members can put there fav males at this topic?

Mm i would also go for Keira and Salma Hayek and Natalie Portman!
Keira and natalie portman look a bit alike lol

Wow I just saw King Arthur, I want to dream about the woman in that movie, She is HOT!!!

She even made the blue paint and the I’m almost dead look, look good!!!

I would like to dream about DeMoN’s avatar. :cool:

I guess you’re talking about Guinevere? Then it’s her… Keira Knightley :content:

Yesterday morning I awoke from a dream in which I was with my girlfriend.

I woke up with a smile! :smile:

The most beautiful girl ever. … rnaces.jpg

Lead vocalist for the Fiery Furnaces. She also has the most beautiful voice ever.

That’s hilarious dude.

Good idea actually…
Snowhite and Ice Queen togheter would make the night to remeber:)