Give me some new avatar ideas for my website

I was thinking of making some new avatars. You know, the cool things that are under your name. Maybe about 20 of them and post them on my lucid dreaming desktop website That way there could be some more to choose from. I was thinking along the lines of dreaming stuff. If you have any cool ideas for some non animated avatars. Post it here. and ill whip something up. So you can use it. I can do any text for sure. or send me a link to a picture. I can work with it. Or just an idea and ill make it all. Just wanted to get some input. I don’t have 20 ideas :smile:

  1. something sacrilegious
  2. a marijuana leaf

Cool, I made 4 new avatars. I will make more. Just wanted to post these before I go to sleep. :smile: this link has them, and my dreaming desktop backgrounds that I made.

That’s cool… I like your wallpapers. It’s a good way to do a RC. :grin: It’d be nice if you create more avatars because currently there are only 5 (I think) avatars on your page.

Keep up your good work!

I just added some new avatars to my site. They are pretty cool. Hope you enjoy them. Ill will make more soon.

Whoa! That’s a freaky eye avatar! I love that! :smile: Keep add some more please! You’re talented and I’m sure that others will appreciate using your avatars!

Yeah, i like those eyes ones as well, the Reality Check and Dream Dream Dream Dream is cool too, but my favorite thing on the page is that hands wallpaper :alien:

Yeah me too! That hands wallpaper is groovy! :alien:

yeah, its hippie-licious,
Peace, Love, and Life man. goes and dancing in a field of flowers with pycodelic music in the background

Okaaaay. You’re weird. sneaks away

hey man, jus dig it, go with the flow :flower:

Cool, I am glad you guys like my site. I went ahead and made another wallpaper. It is pretty cool. Check it out.

nice! :cool_laugh:

The second one I like best, with the normal and the blurred flowers.Perhaps you should have another try at something like this… just don´t know which motive.
A normal room would be cool, you know, with a bed and chair and stuff, but some parts of it blurred in the way the flowers are.Or perhaps some colours that don´t fit exactly
Or perhaps something with parts that are just out of place… like a normal room, but a little tree is just growing out of the floor.Or an animal that you´d never expect to be there.

Can´t think of more right now