I developed a technic to smugle particular thoughts into dream. I’m not really sure if it’s common.

In order to trigger a particular thought with a particular dream event i focus on what i feel when i think that thought and mix it with the feelings i experience in the situation and then try to keep this in my memory. These things are lesser than thoughts and don’t contain any words at all, thus they are easier to remember in a dream.
I started with “when something dangerous happens do a reality check”. Soon i developed more of these thingies. I call them “glyphs” and most of my lucid dreaming depends on them. I tried to teach 2 friends to create these things. It really helped one of them but proved useless for another.

Interesting! But I guess the word glyph kinda implies some imagery, doesn’t it?

Which other ones do you have besides danger = RC?

Imagery is a bit too complex to be used for this. It’s just a combination of very simple sensations, which only ocuur in your mind. Such as agitation, fatigue, interest, unease etc… Basically it’s “what you feel about a partcular thought”.

The most basic glyphs I always use are these:
Lack of particular sense (smell, temperature, muscle sense) = RC
Extra senses (sometimes I have those) = RC
If I was sure that I’m dreaming at least once and haven’t woke up, it’s still a dream
If at least 2 facts that I remember contradict each other, I’m dreaming
(fake memory is the most fascinating thing in dreams)

This technique seems to have more to do with personalised reality checks than anything else. I’ve got a few of my own personalised RC’s, and I would imagine that many of the dreamers here do to.

I feel that for this particular technique “glyph” is something of a misnomer since, as Tukkek stated, it implies some kind of imagery, a symbol or rune.

Exactly what I was talking about - some renaming would do good for the technique, else it would probably cause confusion :smile:

Mabeso, can you write a little about those extra senses you have sometimes?

And, Burning Idle, what are your personalised RC’s like?

When i sleep and sometimes when I’m extremely happy I can feel something akin to vibrating, “singing” string of warmth running in front of my spinal cord, behind the throat and into the brain. Maybe these are remains of the lateral line organ that fish have or maybe it has some deep tantric meaning. Anyway I have this feeling in almost every dream and that’s an effective dream sign.
Sometimes I have other exta senses but they are more abstract and appear less often in my dreams.