Gmail anyone?

1 TERRABYTE!! Who gets that much email? I hardly use my MSN 250mb.
Although I am interested in trying out gmail.

I laugh at you

I allso have hrider but i hardly use it, i use Gmail instead.
hrider is just sooooo slow in uploadspeed.

Let me think about it before I sign up.

Yeah I got my second star.

/me applauds

Yeah, I have over 150 invitations too T_T;; so if anyone wants any invites, just PM me for them. :content:

I use Yahoo, and i’m really interested why someone needs some much space? I don’t even need my 1GB there, as i prefer to keep my files at my HDD.

Well I’d say at first it was because of the space, until the others started to catch up, though, I tell you, I DO use all of my yahoo space. :content: Of course most is spam… :cry:

Gmail has a slightly different way to organize things too, so people prefer that way, some don’t. For some gmail is faster, for others it might not be. Just like with everything else, it’s a personal choice.

I don’t particularly like nor dislike it. I keep my yahoo account as main one only because I need it for yahoogroups and the such, and have 3 gmail ones as secondary accounts with I use on msn and other sites that require passport, seeing as I hate hotmail.

Right, I shut up now from babbling. :cool:

Yahoo has spam filter and those messages that are in Bulk mail are not considered as mail, so they don’t take any space. I know, i’m lazy at deleting unneccessary mail (i have 1k+ unread mails in Inbox), but it still does not take more than 2-3% of my total mail capacity. I’m also aware not to be so stupid to have any movies in my inbox (although downloading (not uploading/sharing) is legal in my country). So i still wonder why someone needs so large mailbox??

Yahoo’s spam filter, although much better than hotmail’s (by far), was quite crappy. At least it didn’t filter well at all to my account. Not even the filters -I- set up. Spam ended up on inbox and 1/4 or so of the useful mail on the bulk mail folder.
I never have movies, mp3s, nor anything larger than 600kb on my e-mails accounts for longer than a day.

In my case, I have joined a lot of MLs with the yahoo account (seeing as it’s the one that’s fullest, and the one that I use more). Most of those MLs are RPGs. Half of those get over 20 messages a day when they are active, and they are very active often. :eh: I like to keep the threads I am on in my inbox sometimes, until I’ve safely put them elsewhere. Plus mail about my site, inquiries, confirmation/approval/coding-related mails, and any other sort of semi-important mail is also saved until I get the info elsewhere. Thus, slowly but surely, my inbox gets filled. :content:

Of course, that is only my personal case, and I am quite messy when it comes to organizing info on computers.

Some, much like yourself, might not need even 1/4 of the space I use. :tongue:

I tried this fantastic gmail and I was not “wowed” at all, yahoo has more features a sufficiant inbox and a better support site and messenger.

I’m sticking to Yahoo.