Gmail anyone?

I have 50 invitations of Gmail to give each month, I think!
I’m not making that many friends so if you want one, give me a bip! :content:

EDIT: If you want an account pm with something like this “My current mail is peace@us.all :content:

what is gmail?

“Google Mail”

The best free e-mail service on the net. A gig of space, search functions and lots of crazy stuff. You can only get an account if someone else invites you.

Also, I have 50 invites.

very cool. are either of you offering?

yeah we both are! :content: pm us!

okay, thanks…

I don’t know what.'s so hot about G-mail these days - my yahoo account gives me a gig of space as well.

I PMed phatidico about it… waiting for an answer. :smile:

it seems a pain to me if once you have gmail you are expected to keep on inviting others to use it
I’m happy with the email I have atm

Actually it is over 2gigs now and increases a tad every month or so.

I also have a bunch of invites :razz:

You do not need to invite anyone, as it is completly voluntarely.

There used to be alot of demand for such invites, but not lately since there are plenty of them now.

Yeah we do not need to invite, but since people may want this we do this community service :content:!
If you’re searching don’t use use they’re the best and they’re loosing points because of googles colors!
Altavista rocks! Google just has a good mail service! hehehhe

I love my GMAIL account … its just so simple … if anyone wants any invites just PM :content:

I just got one that Iluminada would like… :cool:

yep i recommend you give it a try and see if you like it
simple to use, looks good, and no Spam (for me atleast)

Gmail has tons of insane features.

Also, yeah it’s 2GB now, I forgot.

What about thanks? hmmm…

Yeah you might just try it and then unsubscribe if you want to!
I think inviting someone would be nice, not to break the “chain”!

Thought I sent a letter back… maybe it didn’t go through or something.



I have Gmail, and I also have a bunch of invites…

Thanks but I have hrider. 1terabyte inbox. Better than Googles 2gig.