Gnostic Induced Lucid Dream


This is my Idea. There are quite a few natural lucid dreamers, including one I know IN REAL LIFE, and I think that they have something in their subconsious from the very beginning that allows them to naturally lucid dream every night. So, I have an idea to emulate that, and possibly gain what they have.

  1. Go into a Gnostic state (Hypnosis, Meditation, Hyper-Relaxation)

  2. Do something, like going into a realm of your subconsious and changing your dream state to lucidity or something.

  3. Repeat.

This is my idea, and I would like to know results. Please post them!

Interesting idea you have Shatterspike :content:, I’m a frequent meditator and am interested in mixing the two areas.
What do you mean by the above quote though? :eh:

This sounds to me like just visualisation, while in that state of mind ofcourse. Wich is bascially what you do in VILD right? You’re supposed to do it in MILD as well but you add to that a statement that you will remember to recognise you’re dreaming.
I’m not sure what a gnostic state is though.

I mean, going to an area in your mind like a castle or mountian or cave, and changing your dream, like finding a yellow dream crystal and making it blue.


A gnostic state is like hypnosis or meditation, so this is not a VILD. It is much different.

Yeah, that would work. Really just self-hypnosis though.

Ok, well if it’s no different than a meditation then it is not so different from VILD. But, I take it that this meditation is different. You don’t visualise yourself becoming lucid but rather flipping a switch in your brain, correct?
I take it this is a stand alone practise too. Not necessarily done when you’re going to sleep.

The GS is an altered state of consciousness used normally for Magick. (Charging Sigils, etc.) The subconscious is revealed, and programming your mind to do RCs or something in this state would make quite an impact.

I had an inkling it was more than just meditation in general. Now, I am scientifically inclined so magick to me is, well you get it. But I don’t deny experiences. It seems to be a quite special state of mind. Is it difficult to achieve? If you have any links or such I’d be interested to read about it.

In the Sigil-Induced Lucid Dream topic, (which I have heard is quite interesting, I should check it out sometime :tongue:,) there are a bunch of methods for achieving Gnosis. Spinning, hypnosis, exercise, sex, a whole lot of things allow you to access this completely amazing state.

*Note: Hallucinogenic trips and Gnosis are completely different. If you confuse the two you could end up dead. (Trying to summon Cthulhu while high is a very stupid thing to do.)