go to sleep again...

Ok this would be something for one of the more advanced LDers to try that can has lengthy LDs…try going to sleep in you lucid dream and having a lucid dream when your in the lucid dream of your lucid dream, and then have a lucid dream in the lucid dream of your lucid dream of your first lucid dream. then keep going to sleep and lucid dreaming…that way if you wake up you will be in like lucid dream number 3 then if you wake up from that one you will be in lucid dream number 2…etc etc

its a horrible idea, but i never tried it :happy:


Well, never did this in a LD, but in some normal ones.
I went to sleep in a ND, then had a LD in the dream.It wasn´t a real LD though, but a false one: I knew I was dreaming, but still my subcounciousness was in full control, and I thought the dream in which I went to sleep to be reality…

I think some time ago we called this one a meta-dream :smile:
Never made it to more than dream number 2, though