go to the void

the void is a massive extension of nothingness, darkness in all directions i been going there since five or six, people can will them selves there at will, or find a symbolic way of entering it, jump in dark cracks in the ground, or jump into wells,
or even try running into the shadows themselves, not much is known about the void so don’t blame me if you make it there and you have a nasty experience there, i have had good and extremely bad experiences there…
if anyone knows of what i speak, any info you would like to pass onto this tread would be much appreciated,

Kind of like the Nothing from “The Never-Ending Story”? I’ll have to try that the next time I’m lucid.

but imagine nothing at all, not a sprinkle in the sky

some even call the void, the underworld

Voids and other such places creep me out, I’ve always been scared of going outside the map boundaries in the games etc. :tongue: . I’ve been gone to a void in an LD once though, it was very dark grey nothingness. I got there when I “Noclipped” myself into the ground.

I would enter a void when going through mirrors. I would be falling. My body would be buzzing alot with some electric energy. Often It would cause me to wake up, so I got bored with it. A few times a new scene appeared, once one that I created myself. I guess I could get there again by going through a mirror. It’s not what I wanted to use a mirror for, but I think the association is pretty strong for me now. Maybe I will investigate it a bit.

The darkness…
I’ve been in darkness many times in ND, but I’ve always managed to conjure up a light of my own to guide myself.
Can you do that in the void?
I’m not entirely sure why I would like to visit such a place. New experiences, maybe? Possibly face my fears? Hmm…

I will keep it in mind.

I see a lot of void in video games, since i design maps for some. However, i’m still scared of voids that i’m actually in, which is why i get frightened in some space dreams.

The Void is one place i don’t want to set foot.

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I’ve been there :wink: But it was kind of a “scenery transition”. it was all white and i was like floating.

CongratsHemming on 100th post :tongue:

Just a thought: if you go to the void, and defeat it by like bring an atomic bomb or something, maybe you would have no more nightmares.

i haven’t been able to manifest my light in the void, but once i was trapped for like 2 to 3 hours in the void, and i just had enough, and turned my whole body to fire, and pufffff, i got rejected, coincidence? who knows:)

I look forward on going to the void. I think it’s a cool place. I do not yet see any frightening in it, because it’s just a dream. I would use the void probarly to increase my awarness step by step. It could be much easier to concrentate out there! :smile:

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I had a nightmare when I was a kid that I was flying in a space like void with nothing in it. I just flew vertically and saw random things. It was freightening, but I tend not to fear anything these days. Especially not when I’m lucid. :content:

I’m there frequently when I am LDing. It seems to be a sort of hub between the waking world and various dreamscapes.

Visually, the void is total darkness. I do not have a dream body while I am there. My mind seems to be contracted to a singular point. Oddly though, I can still feel objects with my hands. They sometimes end up with me in the void if I lose a LD and just keep my grip on them. If I wake up, they just fade away. I also have a sense of motion and forces, especially when entering dreams from within the void. I sometimes hear things while in the void, but only when entering or leaving it from or to WL.

I enter the void from WL when attempting WILD or (more frequently) from a LD, when it becomes so unstable that I lose the scene. I can then often enter another dream from there.

I leave the void either by waking up or, preferably, by entering a dream. Dreams mostly appear like little three-dimensional postcards and grow bigger rapidly until they enclose me. It is for sure one of the most interesting ways of entering a dream! :cool:

I’m usually not afraid of it. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable either unless I force it to by having negative thoughts.

I think it is most interesting that the void seems to be white for some people and black for others. I have never experienced a white void (or any other color, for that matter). :eh:

I changed the dream scene I was in by jumping into a void, kinda cool and yeah it helps me 2 to get more conscious :cool:

void is interesting

usually it is nothing eventful sometimes it can seem scary

recently i was running through it with a “Jesus shield” as if to overcome something

which worked

when i got to look around it was just a dark dismal greyish/black place with a few of my friends in it

sort of like a subway station along the way to where we were supposed to be, a needed cleansing going on in the shadows

one time i wanted to make a futuristic version of my school

it happened and i looked and there was a long tunnel and they said “no one goes down there” and THAT void was strange and i wasn’t going to explore it

generally the void is just the inside of the eyelids which often have colors floating around in them, for me