God debate on TV

For all those who can receive BBC2. A debate about the existance of GOD tonight on BBC2 9pm (gmt), presented by Jeremy Vine of bbc radio 2. I just thought many of you might be interested. I for 1 am interested. Enjoy :wink:

I saw it, and was somewhat disappointed. I was hoping for something a little less analytical and more involved.

I totally agree. Im sceptical of the whole structure of the way the debate was carried out. The questions used for some of the polls in my oppinoin were pretty vague, for example Do you beleive in God?. How do they mean by God, many people interpret God in many different ways. The same goes for prayer. Although there were a few interesting points throughout the debate, I was overally dissapointed.
The website didnt really grab my attention either ,https://www.bbc.co.uk/whattheworldthinksofgod if anyone is interested. A seperate page for all the poll results would have been nice at least.

Well I still dont know which of my many theories of what is God? to go with :confused: , but thats another subject i wont go into right know.


Thats cute UnitedSoul :smile: u got many theories about god mmmm
Witch is the one we need? :wink:

All discussion about god is at its roots the question if consciousness is at the roots of existence, of cause and effect.

On tv and all its always the same old stuff…nothing really surpring there.