God is coming, and boy is she pissed

Did you think God is an old man with a beard?..forget it…ain’t so…He’ or her is a spirit so it can be any gender. Why am I writing this…I have no idea. :cool_laugh:

Me either, Agent11421, but you can bet your booty that a mod will lock it for you. JK. (Who says “bet your booty” anyway? I guess just me.)

And you’re right–God wouldn’t have a gender.

This post made me :lmao:

Of course god doesn’t have a gender. God is a myth.

Mom’s coming round to put it back the way it outta be…

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Downward spiral you may think god is a myth but I know different.

whew! I thought sure this thread were get the boot when the Mod walked by. :confused:

Incidentally, I personally believe God is not a myth but a reality.

Because you’re drunk?

Haha, I kiiid, I kiiid!

God doesn’t have a gender because God doesn’t exist.


God likes skee-ball.

Even if God doesn’t exist (as I believe), he does exist in a certain way.

With all the poeple who belive in him, he lives in there minds (and I guess you could say hearts too). He’ll be whichever gender they see him as.

Actually. God is a man. If you are a catholic that is. I don’t believe in God as a man or a woman, but more of a power, a will if you would like.

God is just manmade concept for trying to simplify this whole existance and life experience we are able to perceive as creation of some imaginary dude with white beard that sits on a cloud and judges who can join his private party and who cannot. Anyways, god is just our word for something that goes far beyond our concepts…(and far within) :universe:

God is the man, and Satan is the woman. It all makes perfect since. :grin:

DreamAddict… you are so damn right!!! I agree to 110% :tongue:

I think god(s) having genders is a perfect example of how god is one of man’s blunders, and not vice versa. We model everything after our own image. It’s as if ants would have evolved to the state of mind humans are in, and suddenly decided god must be a big old ant with giant antennas.

God’s a woman and her name is Eris
Hail Eris, hail discordia!


God is essence

Man and woman are fragments, shards of this essence.

Imagine it if you will, as light being refracted by a prism…

You’re absolutely right, but given our frame of reference, how ELSE should we visualize “God”? People need to associate ‘God’ with ‘human’ in order to feel a closeness–like their “creator” really understands them and empathizes. Is it easy enough to bond with the idea of a loving father? Of course it is! Is it easy to bond with the idea of a vast consciousness that can’t be touched, talked to, or stimulated in any way, shape, or form? Ugh. . .I’ll get back to you on that one. God is what we want him/her/it to be. Does it matter that everybody has their own image of God? No, it really doesn’t. Yet, we somehow think that we need to debate constantly so others can reap the benefits of our rewarding knowledge base and belief system. You say that it is the fault of a ‘man’ to believe “God” to be human. Is it not also the fault of a human to want to debate over and over about things that can’t be defined? It’s all in how you look at the world. Not that I generally think those people who now say, “I don’t give a ■■■■,” are content. . .but they have reached the point of not caring. I hope to get there soon. But I hope to get there with grace and peace of mind, too. No “curmudgeon complex” for me. I’ll shun the world with a loving embrace, if such is possible (and in my own silly world, just about anything is possible).

Sometimes I feel unruly and write a bunch of weird stuff here. Tonight is one of those nights. I should have been drinking with the rest of them. . .I would actually be sleeping now.

I’m sorry, that was gender-biased. It’s woman’s fault too. :happy:

Ack! You know what people who don’t care about anything remind me of? The deceased. I hope I never reach the point in my life where I just give up trying to understand. And although I accept that it may be inevitable (like, when I’m dead for instance), I will not go gentle into that good night. :content:

Those are just my thoughts though. :smile:

vae victus ur ideas are purely stunning and so intelligent,and for the people who stop caring your pathetic,because life is study and trying to get to understand everything is what you do you dont try to stop caring then as vae victus put it"you remind me of the deceased" well it is like youve died.God exist how else do you think we came here.God is an otherworldly inventor,take the dinosaurs for instance.One of gods failed experiments why else do you think he stopped there lives he destroyed everything then made humans he made em as a weaker and more primitive form of himself. the reason he did this is so he could see how well he made us,hence why we can make mistakes and be hurt and die. the first people one of which was his son,whom he perposely sent here to see how people would react to god like people and stuff they don’t understand.still to this day we are afraid of what we cant understand.God also created us in his image (if repeated i am sorry)so since this is god is many shaped and loving he created us and women i belive are in the shape of the devil