God's Hand?

I wasn’t sure what happened, but I tried WILD because I havn’t done it in a while. Going back to sleep, falling asleep, I was thinking of God and being quite religious on it- I’m not sure why. There are so many things unseen in the world, which I believe an LD could show me.

I was dreaming and I did realize it, but I had the desire to be shown the world. Jumping in air from my room into this jungle I landed on this giant hand. It changed sizes, but it was bigger than a truck. I wanted to know the truth, I had that deep desire. It didn’t last long but the palm took me into space and it outstanded me. There was this dark energy for some reason, me (floating on the hand), was taken to this bright star-like black hole. I looked into it and it had shown me years ahead a rather large deep blue Dolphin evolve. I wook up.

It was one of the most vivid beautiful dream I had ever had. It felt so real, but I knew I was dreaming. Whether it was an LD or close to one, it was amazing and I had to share.

The thing about human minds is that they are amazing at manifesting amazing things based on any little thing you have seen/heard/felt. I haven’t LD’d very much yet, but I’ve had some ND’s where I’ve listened to music and stuff that I’ve never heard while awake. That’s because our minds know what we like, so our minds will give us what we want in a dream. For this reason, I find it hard to believe in OOBE’s and contact with spirits because it is so easy for our subconsious to manifest people and experiences based on our knowledge and opinions.

That sounds like an amazing and powerful dream, not to meantion fun :happy:

I wish it was that simple with nightmares, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be stung repeatedly.

Ok more so with lucid dreams, but you get my point.

Sometimes an LD is the best way to save yourself out of a nightemare. I had an LD 2 years ago, I remember it well. There were meat eating aliens invading all over Earth. I realized it wasn’t real was quite scared to go back to sleep, but I did right away and I became Lucid. I brought out a laser gun and shot the aliens to ashes as I tried saving my family and friends. Even though it was still a nightemare, it became more of an adventure.