Gods take on Lucid dreaming

I was wondering if anybody knew?
I was reading that in the middle ages people that controlling your dreams was some sort of wichcraft

Im sure it cant be that bad because its not like your doing anything bad

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I don’t understand what you’re trying to ask… :eh:

Religious views on LD’s are perfectly normal. Everyone who knows what it is, knows that it is natural and normal as long as you don’t willingly commit sin.

The part that religion and etc worry about, is the further parts of it such as Astral Projection and OBE’s.

I have looked it up in the past, and I also asked my cousins, who are heavily religious, and they too in fact LD (they’re naturals!)

Much of the bible speaks of dreams as well, and in the end, unless you don’t choose to commit sin in your dreams (adultery, murder, etc) then it doesn’t matter, especially since many times, people become aware they are dreaming without trying. Worshipers of God are no different and are not immune, so why would God view it negatively?

Finally, in the end, it’s like your parents disliking you because you were born with a sideways toe.

Hopefully thats what you meant.


No seriously, I’ll post some constructive arguments later.

You’re so funny tosxyChor!!! :content:

Well, I don’t think middle age beliefs are the best to believe in to start with. :tongue: If you want to stick with that though, you could always go and sign a petition to ban all magicians’ shows from theaters.
You see, people Middle Ages had a tendency to… despise what they couldn’t comprehend fully, and doing as they did is not justified if you happen to know better.

Lucid dreaming is a very natural thing indeed, children do it spontaneously, even without knowing. You can do all sorts of fantastic and enlightening stuff in dreams, so I ask you, if there’s a God up there (that is a basis of the Middle Ages beliefs), why would He ever be angry at you for doing such wonderful things?
What you do in Lucid Dreams could be something violent and/or hateful, but that’s the same for life, the choice is up to you and does not influence the “game field” itself in the slightest. :smile:

Oh, now I understand.
Apostrophes are your friend. :tongue:

Well I wouldn’t really know, because I’m deist.

I think that nails it right there. I can’t really make a statement that’s backed up by any religious quotes, but I’ve never heard anything from any religious standpoint across the board that was negative about lucid dreaming. But I can say that from where I see it if you to choose to commit sins in you’re lucid dreaming that even if it doesn’t affect the “game field” like tosxy said, it’s likely to affect your consciousness in the same way that desensitization could technically happen from violent T.V, except probably more so since you’re much closer to actually experiencing said sin.

And as for the middle ages perspective ya gotta remember that that was an age of a big mental control battle where if you were born into it their was a strict policy of what was acceptable and not in the eye’s of god, meanwhile in the background some clergy committed all sorts of ungodly sins, and that excessive control was the sort of thing that eventually led to the break down of the one church into many sects and threw the medieval religious outlook into question.

and in the end since most of the people on LD4all don’t weigh as much as your average duck I think we’re in the clear