Going from low lucidity to high lucidity

Hi, everyone, what’s happening

So i notice a common thing with my LDs

I know i am dreaming, but it seems that my mind is clouded. I just cannot think straight, ruining my lucid experience (because usually they are not as awesome as some of my NDs are anyway)

Now, I am ruling out techniques while lucid to make you more lucid, because i don’t think that’s the problem. I still do some lucidity increasing techniques, but i just kinda assume they worked, again because my consciousness is foggy.

Is there anything i should do to help clear my mind before being lucid? Perhaps using a variation of MILD where i assure myself i will be have logical thinking (well, not logical. That would not be fun, but i think you know what i mean), or just a clear mind

meditation might work, but i’m not quite sure how to meditate and don’t know if i can do it over noises and such in my room and house.

Thanks for all the help

~Ryan, or TheRealJollyRoger, or cool guy 1, whatever.

Happens to me to. I can only ever think of trying the most basic things, flying or trying to have sex with a DC for example :happy:

Dammit I want to discuss the meaning of life after I have sex!


I think meditation could help, try searching wikipedia for info on it.

I had the same problem in my first LD. All I could think about when I became lucid was flying. I haven’t had a second LD yet, but I have set a plan for my next dream. I repeat it with MILD before I go to sleep. I hope I will become more lucid, and stop thinking about flying. :meh:

i think you might misunderstand the problem

even if i think of flying, i can’t do it. I jump (kinda high) and then just stop because my mind is distracted by other things. The dream powers don’t work a lot of the time. I guess the way i could describe it is that i am only “half awake” in my dream, just drifting on the edge of lucidity and normality.

although i will try meditating, so thanks for that peachy!

It is not at all uncommon for “dream powers” to not work when you are first learning to LD. I think that the main problem is that as your mind becomes lucid, it starts “checking reality” for you. What I mean by that is that when you want to do something that is imposable IRL, it stops you because it “knows” that you can’t do that IRL. You just need to teach yourself the difference between RL and LD’s. Learn to let yourself go in an LD. It is all happening in your mind, so you can do everything.
In ND’s that part of your mind is shut off. That is why really weird things can happen, and it seems normal in the dream. In LD’s that part of the brain comes along with the lucidity, and can mess up your LD’s. Like everything else, it just takes practice.

What lucidity increasing techniques are you using, TheRealJollyRoger?

I’ve heard if you say or repeat in your dreams “heighten lucidity now!” or “stay lucid” or “I am dreaming”, you can sustain your lucidity. When you talk to yourself in dreams your conscious is guiding itself basically. I hope I said that right…