going lucid again

I Ld’d few times about 3-4 years ago and have’nt had any since, been close a couple times but nothing.

one of the MAIN reasons for this absence is my lifestyle, or what it was. i was bouncing from job to job and doing school in between. i had no focus and no apparent sleep pattern. Life has changed for me, i have a mon-fri job, make lots of money, way less stress.

MY question to you is… For those of you that have LD’s, what is your status for sleep patterns? Do u lay in bed for hours or do u usually fall alsleep when u hit the pillow?

Now that things are a little more stable in my life i am able to LD again. i just hope i can get thigs rolling again.

Depends mate sometimes I stay up till 3-4am and it takes me over an hour to get to sleep from then.

At the moment I’m going to bed at 11pm-12am and its taking me 20-30minutes to fall asleep.

I still dont have to wake up for anything in the morning (No job I’m on the dole) so I couldnt really tell you why my sleeping pattern has changed.

To tell you the truth the proper sleeping hours has had somewhat of a negative effect on my dream recall. But I think I’m just not placing as much importance on my dreams, I’ve been very busy lately with other things so from the moment I wake up I’ve had my mind on something else.

The change of sleep pattern has not effected my LDs though. I’m due for another one actually I havnt had one in a while.

Sleep patterns? I usually go to sleep around 10, it usually takes me about 1/2 hour to 45 mins to fall asleep. I wake up randomly at midnight, 2, 4, 6:30, 7:45, and 8:30 (approx, of course!) if I’m alloted that much time to sleep. Usually I’m awake at 6:30, though.

Randomly waking up at night every night is great for WBTB, but terrible for my DR for some reason…

Now that I’m still in school (for another week and a half), I try to go to bed sometime between 10:15-10:45. I can’t fall asleep immediately so I sit up in bed and read a book for about 25 minutes. After that I’m tired enough that I can be out within 10 minutes max.

I set my alarm for 1 hour before I have to wake up. When it goes off I get up and reset it for an hour later and go right back to sleep while telling myself to LD. So far this has worked pretty decently for me.