going to space?

i always wanted to go to space in a LD but im standing there and i dont know how to get there. ive tried flying but its always too far and seems impossible. does anyone have any tips maybe?

How about teleporting? Maybe decide that the room you stand in is a spaceship, and the door leads to space? If you are outdoors in the LD, maybe imagine that the Earth scene is just a simulation, and that you will be somewhere else as soon as you turn around/take glasses off/open a door? I have experienced that travelling for a long time in a LD can lead to loss of lucidity, so the faster the transition goes, the better the end result is. Sweet dreams and good luck! :cool:

[color=olive] Watching some space scenes in movies and shows to get a good idea of where you’re getting to.If you fly I advise flying high and fast, if it takes too long to get there.

[spoiler]I remember once I was trying to fly horizontally as fast as I could while on Earth to get somewhere and ended up getting caught up in some sort of updraft. Everything became a blur and next thing I knew I was far off in space looking down on our solar system.

Another time I got a running start and took a diagonal flight pattern into the night sky and ended up in space. [/spoiler][/color]

First of all even before going to sleep try to imagine and feel how it would be to find yourself in space, surrounded by Nebulas and planets. If you get that excitement that I feel just right now because at this moment I get all this mental images just by typing this down then you are on the good track.

Hold to that feeling and try intensify it. Get your heart racing. Then go to sleep with this attention. Once when you find yourself in a LD then search for this feeling but still stay calm - as much as you can. :content:

If you don’t have trouble with flying then it’s an easy task. If you don’t think that space is far, or a space scene you want yourself to find in then it will not be. Imagine yourself in space almost instantly as you leave the ground.

I would usually go through some clouds, then I would see the the earths atmosfere on the horizon and next thing I know I’m in space.

Also very important is what Koharo suggested, search for space scenes. You can go through mine gallery, I have some nebulas and space scenes in there, they might help you to ignite your imagination…

Good luck, I hope I’ll read about some space traveling from you very soon! :content:

Instead of flying away from Earth, make Earth fly away from you. Imagine that it’s hollow and bouncy and kick it away as hard as you can.

Well since you’ve never been to space, you probably don’t know what it feels like. If you focus on what it feels like, it should be easier. Just falling pretty much. I’m not sure if this would work or not, but make a mountain with a cliff really high in the air, jump off the cliff, and slowly change the background until it looks like space. That would be for making the feeling of being in space though.