Going to space

I’m sure many people have gone to space in their dreams, but not very many seem to have actually focused on getting the feeling of being weightless. If you were to jump off a cliff, but can’t feel any wind, or that acceleration feeling, that’s what being weightless would feel like. Has anyone actually experienced a realistic space feeling? What was it like?

In one of my earliest recorded dreams I leaped out of ship into “space”. It was more like underwater, though, but I had very little control of my movements and I rotated constantly.

I’m not entirely sure if its a realistic space feeling but the one time I went to space (although just outside of our atmosphere a bit) I was definitely floating weightlessly with no external forces. Sadly I wasn’t really paying much attention to the feeling though as I was pretty much blown away looking at earth and how real and vivid it was seeming to me at the time.

It’s hard to experience realistic space feeling because I’ve never been in outer space, well at least not in WL. :tongue:

I guess you won’t get the falling sensation as you described in your post if you aren’t to close to a star or a planet, right? You would be gliding, floating in space being weightless… And that’s closest to flying at least to me. So if you can fly/glide/float in your dream on “earth” then this would be the closest of being in weightless environment…

I have been in space a few times, it’s certainly different.

One time, I flew out of the atmosphere on my way to the moon and there was a giant spaceship that looked similar to BSG or Stargate human ships. I flew around it clinging onto different parts trying to understand who owned it. After a while of me doing this the ship lost it’s stability and began crashing down to earth. I just waved goodbye and laughed.