Going to Try my first LD attempt tonight

Tonight im going to try for my first LD using the WBTB method with some MILD too

Fingers crossed i might get a glimmer of LDness but do you verterns have any advice?

Hi GothicDaylight! WElcome to the LD4ALL forum

What a Great combination u ahve there!! Doing WBTB is Great and on top of that u will do MILD! Great!

The only good tip i can have 4 u is to have an InTEnT of having a LD tonight. Like flying of meeting a loved one etc. Do u get it? If u have that and the true desire to actually susseed, u WILL! :slight_smile:

So with that being said…i wish The BEST of luck to u !!! you WILL BEcome LUCID !!!

Good luck :content:

Well I gave it a go, sadly no LD yet (although i did have a disturbing dream involving Alan Alda from MASH :wink: )but I’m gonna keep trying :happy:

Keep trying my friend. Don’t give your hopes up! Also, DON’T try too hard. If it isn’t successful for a week or something. Give it a break. Just get a full rest. :wink: You’ll see what I mean later. :grin:

I wish you the best luck of all! Lieve dromen (sweet dreams!) :wiske:

I’d say you’re trying too hard by far. Chances are if you carry on like this, you won’t get a lucid dream soon enough, you won’t be bothered to keep putting that much effort in, and you’ll give up. I started by just doing fairly regular reality checks, and a little bit of affirmations or auto-suggestion, and I got my first LD in… I think just over a week. Anyway, good luck! I know you’ll definitely get lucid soon,.

Thanks for the imput, you guys are very postive, Send some of those good vibes my way whydoncha :wink:

Maybe your right about the trying too hard, i’ll relax a little, and hopefully it will come naturally