Good books for lucidity?

Hello all, I’m trying to find 2 good books to read about lucid dreaming I want to buy. First off I want a really good how-to book with more than what the internet offers. I have had 4 LD’s very short though, and would like to make that push to have a long one, and have multiple LD’s a week. On the other hand, I am going to get Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self by Robert Waggoner. All the reviews say it’s fantastic and changes the perspective on LD’s, and its a great book for while your lucid and how to use it to improve yourself as well. All reviews say it’s magnificent. Any ideas on a really i mean REALLY good how-to book?

My favorite so far is Stephen LaBerge’s “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming”. It’s pretty popular and very useful!

“Lucid Dreams in 30 Days” seems pretty interesting, but I haven’t looked it over much. It has assignments for each week, which could be fun.

I also really like Stephen LaBerge’s book. I bought it not too long ago, and just had my first LD last night. I’m not saying they correlate in any way, but I’m sure it helped, haha.

Its also a very interesting read, and I really like that he is taking everything from a scientific point of view. There’s also dozens of different methods in the book you can pick from and see which works best for you.

And today I just got Harary and Weintraub’s book “Lucid Dreams in 30 Days” in my mail, I haven’t read it yet, but once I do I’ll decide whether its good to recommend.

We have the same books, haha!

The one thing that I can say about “Lucid Dreams in 30 Days” is that it would probably be a good program if you took more than 30 days to do it. 30 days would be if you achieved every exercise on the first try, which is very optimistic to say the least!

I agree with you, I think if a person wasn’t able to accomplish any of these things on the day it was scheduled for, they would lose their motivation.

I really like the idea that it has a step by step, day by day plan. Its very nicely structured, as was expected from a book named “Lucid Dreams In 30 Days”. Though I don’t like it how it makes seem like something “mystical”, but I’ll give it credit for mentioning lucid dreaming has been researched. But having sections on using lucid dreaming for a therapist or visiting other peoples dreams bothers me.

I also do like how it is not till “Day 8” that it tells you to start doing reality checks. I feel like if this is something you are going to practice, you should know and start doing immediately to get into the “habit” so it will carry over into a persons dream.

Thanks guys, Be sure to let me know how the book is!

Definitely get LaBerge’s book.

Don’t get the 30 Days one unless you are able to skim it really quick and decide for your self. The reason I don’t like it is because it conflicts with what I believe is actually possible (Like OBE’s), though if you believe you can do those things definitely get it, its excellently structured and great if you want to just start from “scratch”.

My 2 favorite books are Robert Waggoner’s “Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the inner self”, and of course LaBerge’s Exploring the world of lucid dreaming.
I also have LDing in 30 days, but there are too many times that I feel that the writer is not really an LDer at all. It’s just the way he phrases things and suggests stuff that makes me wonder. Also everyone accepts this new reality at their own pace. To try and force it on someone in 30 days just wont work.
I also have " The Lucid Dreamer: A Waking Guide for the Traveler Between Worlds" by Malcolm Godwin.
This book is a gem, with great art, and lots of different ways of viewing lucid dreaming, lots of history, and info about different cultures and their views on dreaming. Absolutely worth having. You can find used ones for as little as 5 bucks (Can’t say where though, censored :smile: )

Thanks so much Kauai, I believe I will get gateway to the innerself along with Laberge’s!

i am half way through robert waggoners book at the moment, and am finding it very interesting. but i deffinately would like to read more books on the topic and discover more ways of becoming lucid. i have been remembering my dreams much more than i used to but dont often become lucid in my dreams.