Good DR bad FR(need help)

Well i m not very experienced with ld but i got good usual dream recalls.
The only problem i got is i cant remember excacly faces of people i see.
Could somebody help me ?

It is rare for me to actually see the features in peoples faces. I just see faces as a blur unless I actually look them in the eye then I can see their features. I just assumed this was how everyone dreamt!?

Maybe it isn’t so.

Face recall has never been important to me. Getting the identity of the dream character through a feeling or a sensing actually, seems to be ‘normal’ for me.

I find that sometimes I dont see a person’s (DC’s) features. I dont take in the visual information but I know who they are. Other times I do take in the info, but they don’t look like the person they are meant to be. Somehow though I still know who they are.

Well first tnx for the replies.
Now well when its a person i know i dont focus in the face, but thats cause i know who the DC is . Some times i remember the faces, but the dreams in wich DC are made from my mind(totally) and never seen before i think its important to remember!(I dont see crazy sientists !)[Its hard to remember though, here i need a tip]
Also another subject in wich i m intrested its getting skills from dreaming, or (cant think a better word !).
Well tnx again,
w8ting for replies…John

hi John! Welcome to the LD4ALL forum :smile:

I dont remember ppls faces from my dreams exactly either…but i know who it is. In my dream i usually get few glipses on the ppl, but i know its that specific prson because i have this sort of feeling, kinda hard 2 explain. U will get to understand eventually im sure :wink: Good luck :wiske:

Tnx kat .
Well i also understand who people are but sometimes i see people i never seen before and when i m awake i try to get all my attention there so maybe i see the face.There are times i remember but most its like i ve never been (seen) them face to face. Its always from another angle.
MAybe you also get the feeling that you are acting but same time you are(out of body waching from distance your self talking but not also).
Thats what happens to me many times when i recall i see myself from another angle.
Tnx for reading, w8ting for answer
Friendly John .

Hey again John :smile:

Now that i think of it, i do see myself from another angle. It is like i am acting and another part of me is watching it. I never thought of it, thkx 4 pointing out a possibility :wink:


in my dreams the people are generally completely normal looking, even people i have never met in the waking world.

I don’t always “look” at people but if i do they look normal.

Hello again.
Your welcome kat.
Now gothic thats also what i see[normal people(faces)wich could exist]
and thats my point never know maybe you see them the next day walking ! I had a friend who told me he saw himself walking and he saw 2 girls walking (seperate) next day he was in the same street walking (not in dream this time) he saw the girls, one of them also looked at him and she was having a strange look :eek: :alien: like she also seen him in dream. Well w8ting for more replies.
Tnx again.
Friendly John!