Good Effor but nothing

Dam i tried hard last nite to have an LD, before i went to sleep i was reading here ion the forums for about 2 hours i then went to sleep and did a combo of suneye and mild, after 4 hour of sleeping my alarm went off, i did remember my dreams i got up for a few mins read some info on dreaming and then went back to bed i wasnt really that tired. I did the suneye method but then wanted to try some WILD but abslolutly nothing happened i think mabie cuz i couldnt concentrate on counting i dunno. So nothing happened. One thing interesting did happen but ill make another thread on it. So any tips or advice appreciated thx.

The only advice i can give you is to not try it too hard, just let it naturally. I mean do the technique you want for a while and then just let it naturally.

Tonight i was doing a sort of WILD technique, i was putting much effort to it but not very hard. I gave up and then in the middle of the night (4am) i got this strange feeling of getting that i knew i could step to my dream, and i did but when i entered my dream i got this feeling of going very fast to my “mind”? and then i felt floating above my body and then back to my body again.

All of this was a mere 3-4 seconds but before rising up i dreamed about this dream that we all have Astral Travel ranking, that i was in this strange place with many room for each person.