Good LD Book(s)

Does anyone know of any good LD related book?

One where the information isn’t false or anything.

I’d like to read something about lucid dreaming every night before I go to sleep, but all I have is a small book based only on normal dreams. (And a very small part about LD’ing but the information isn’t that accurate)

Take a look at this or do a search here with “books lucid” :wink: .

I thought Charles McPhee’s ‘Stop Sleeping Through Your Dreams: A Guide to Awakening Consciousness During Dream Sleep’ was a pretty good book. It covers everything from lucidity to Freud to interpreting dreams.

Oh great, I just found that book on a dutch webstore (where I’m from), so I could choose to buy that one. (Or ask it for christmas or something :tongue: )

Has anybody heard of this one? Photo
I wonder if it’s a good one too. Thanks!

Also, I’ll try to search better next time, sorry, I couldn’t find a good topic that quickly :content: