Google Earth Cool/Weird/Funny Stuff

I found this awhile ago on Google Earth and was wondering if anyone else had found funny/weird stuff in GE and what. if you have and post it here, can you please; put a link to the post in the GE community(i.e. ‘Target’),
a link t some other place with info on the site (i.e. ‘Target On Target’), or the coordinates of the object/site (i.e. ‘42.006782336, -87.8870773486’). This is so everyone (and me) can find it easier.

Well. I’m sure everyone by now has seen the firefox crop circle. I remember the other day, in the chatroom, someone went to find their home to show us, to find out there was a fly in front of the camera somewhere in the countryside of some European country… lets see if I can find that. Yeah, can’t find it. There are lots of funny stuff to be found on Google Earth/Maps, it takes a bit of patience to find one worthwhile yourself, but the BBS community is your friend.

I remember chatting with some friends on ventrillo and someone found a building in the shape of a swastika.

Apparently there is a topless sunbather somewhere on Google Earth. I forget where I read that…:razz:

Yeah it’s a dutch person. I have that as a favorite place in my GE :tongue:

According to Google Earth a member of the forums lives in the sea when you put in their post code. :bored:

they found Atlantas years ago.

get with the times.

This is a cool idea. I’ve been following websites such as GoogleSightseeing for months now, and it’s always interesting to see what people discover. Starting with the famous “flying car” from a couple of years back, people have been determined to locate more strange and mysterious images. Cars in seemingly impossible places, military aircraft in-flight, car/truck/train accidents, whales (and giant squids) close to the surface, nuclear submarines that aren’t supposed to exist…

I think I just got something to do when I’m bored. I’m going to do just that, lol.

I love looking at stuff on google earth. Especially now you can look deep into space with it. The floating car was weird!

This stuff is always so intriguing. Also, is it just me or does the flying car simply look like a billboard?

Nice observation. Your probably right.

Well personally I thought Atlanta has always been part of Georgia. Though I’m sure some people don’t want to find it anyway. :tongue:

It isn’t a billboard. Or rather, it wasn’t, because I checked and it’s not in that place anymore. The photos must have been updated, but a billboard should still be there.

As I recall, the flying car mystery was solved by a Perth resident well over a year ago. I can’t remember exactly what the structure or object turned out to be, though I’m sure it wasn’t a billboard or a bus-stop shelter (it wouldn’t make sense for either of those things to be there). In any case, newer imagery of that area is now available, and the object is gone.

I saw this a few days ago and thought to post it here! Not Google Earth, but Google Maps. And quite funny:

If you click here, you can see our hero riding his bike on the right.

Click on the small white arrow on the street (pointing north). Now turn the camera to the right. There our hero is! He has fallen. :sad:

You can click on the north arrow one more time, turning the camera around completely, to see him untangling himself from the bike.


It looked like he was turning to the right and it looked like he did … or should I say, tried.