Google Plus

Has anyone checked out Google Plus? It’s way better than Facebook :happy:

If anyone wants an invite I can send them one, just PM me :smile:

Google is an evil corporation bent on world domination.

Which corporations AREN’T evil and bent on world domination?

  1. This is getting off topic fast.
  2. Nintendo.
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I had some text here concerning a previous post but decided to play nice for once

Anyway I always said I would never join facebook, just like I have refused/will refuse to join myspace, hyves (Dutch), twitter etc. For my trip to Canada I eventually had to join facebook because that is the only way people over there seemed to communicate… but now I regret my decision for I have developed a strong hatred for it and the people that use it (too) intensively.
So there is no way in the world that I will join google+

True story on the “it’s the only way people communicate” thing. I have friends on my phone I can talk or text with, and they ALL prefer facebook.

Anyways, on topic. Google+ mystifies me. I really want to check it out in all its shininess…

And I really want a bagel.

Point taken, but what’s worse about Google is they mask themselves as a company that has improved our lives, when they have done nothing except commercialize the internet and suppress free speech.

Is there an LD4all group there? :happy:

Really? :eh:

Invite me please:


Here’s my G+ if anyone wants to add me to their circle or whatever. :razz:

Yes. One of the key supporters of net neutrality: here

Even if it doesn’t currently provide any protections for wireless, it seems that the proposal will keep the companies that run the backbone of the internet from throttling the speed of certain sites and playing money games with the wired internet services. I hardly see anything in the proposal that would suppress free speech. What of the points listed do you take issue with? Obviously it is disappointing that wireless wouldn’t be protected, but it would be a good precedent, and if one of the telecoms is willing to agree to something that would start legislation for net neutrality then I think it isn’t that bad of a deal.

Apparently, if you have your account set to private, will get banned from it because basicly “anything private shouldnt be posted on the internet”.


What? I’m not banned?

I also think google is evil and is taking over the world. :tongue:


Yawn. Another walled garden. Ain’t joining any general social networking sites before it becomes federated (ie just like sending an email - you should be able to interconnect different servers/networks via open and well defined protocols, and grab your data and go elsewhere when you feel like it.)

I never heard of this thing… might check it out

Looks like they stole the Circles feature from Diaspora’s “Aspects”. If I actually continue using social networks, then I’ll use Diaspora in the future as it isn’t a ‘walled garden’.

Sorry for bringing this back from the dead… after a long time sorta hating facebook I started to use it more since, well, everyone uses it and I’d like to be a little less of a social outcast :razz: Anyway, after just a few days of going on Facebook it starts annoying me more and more… so finally remembered google+. Problem is I have no friends that use it >.< so feel free to add me if you like (just let me know you’re from ld4all or… wait, little chances anyone else will add me!) added Wyvern :cool:

Yeah’… I do have a Google plus account too, it’s nice but I’m not really into it that much though I like it it’s because my friends wasn’t there they don’t use google+ not like facebook.

my googgle+ ==>> -LucidDreamer

Now I don’t mean to discredit the use of Google +, but I felt this was appropriate. :razz: