got a few q. plz help

ok so I am new to this LD but I have been looking into it for a bit so I have a few q. if someone could plz answer =.

  1. I plan on doing this as a routine to accomplish LD, try MILD technique were I just think over the day about how I want to obtain LD and telling myself I can and I will.

  2. Doing a few RC a day

  3. Also listening to this MP3 WHILE I SLEEP
    ^^would that help^^

  4. every morning when I wake up I will write down what i remember

  5. any other useful tips?

it sounds good :thumbs:
the only thing I can add that if you can also do WBTB it really increases the chances of having a LD :yay:

also just read up on all the information that is on the forum

Sounds good. See how it works out.

Everything looks great, just remember to keep yourself motivated :smile:

Me and my friend are on day 3 and are still 100% hopeful of becoming lucid, u can also check our progress here to give us pointers etc…

but we are still wanting that moment of lucidity and we were wondering, whats it like to just go to bed and then you realize ur in a dream and u can control it. Like whats it like for the FIRST time to realize ur dreaming?

also how long did it take most of u and what technique were u using?

what technique has worked best for u?

I am trying MILD (on day 3 no results yet)

and I was curious about WILD? is that a better way to go to get faster and better results.

Wishful thinking works 90% of the time for me. (I’m not kidding.) I tell myself I’m going to have a lucid dream and do x or y, and bam! it works.

Other than that, I can WILD, although I usually either recall the hypnagogia or the dream, but rarely both at the same time (but that’s probably because my recall isn’t perfect, not a flaw in WILD itself).

Another bunch of times, I get spontaneously lucid (you could call that MILD, I suppose) and RCs.

But it’s really most of the time just incubation: I ask for a dream, I get it (or not quite, but something actually cooler than what I asked for)… Just play with your SC, not against it. :content:

so should I actually go to WILD?

WILD takes its time to learn—really, you need patience and discipline to get the gist of it. But after you learn it, it’s pretty nice because works a lot, and the more you try, the better you get.

well since im in school atm, I will stay with MILD and hopefully when summer comes back(please god I become lucid by then) and if I do well with mild would it be a good choice to then go to WILD since with wild it occurs more? or sohuld I jsut stick with MILD allthe way through? also for anyone that has also done MILD how long did it take u? and how often does it happen?

and please any other advice for MILD technique?

You can have a look at the tips I gave in this topic and of course you can read the MILD subject under the yellow “How” menu in the LD’ing guide on the LD4all main page and also the sticky BIG MILD topic in the Quest for Lucidity subforum.

In average, DILD methods (i.e. RC’s, autosuggestion, MILD) work better and faster than WILD methods.