Got a question about REM and WILD/MILD...

I’ve tried falling asleep with a certain dream story in my head and after thinking about it for a short while I started dreaming it. I started dreaming the dream i was imagining to dream. But i thought REM doesn’t start till a lot later in the night so how come I went straigh into a dream and skipped the “light-sleep”? Or did I not skip it and the gap between me thinking and me dreaming was forgotten and seemed non-existent? Coz my thoughts and my dream mixed perfectly and I didn’t notice the change… Anyone help me on this?

Pedro did you watch the clock after you dreamed?
Then you could know for sure…

From my own experiences (clock check also) i can say that when you start to mingle with your own mind in sleep…normal borders are broken through…I had rem several times at night from hypnosis only 10 to 15 minutes after falling a sleep at night and those resulted in lucid dreams. I woke myself up and yay was only 15 minutes sometimes 20 somtimes 10 after falling a sleep at night.
So normal paterns are no longer normal when you start to wild or do hypnosis or trance etc at night.


Ah I see! Thanks a lot. I know it’s only your experience but I’m sure your correct. Sounds right. Normal REM rules and times will only apply to a natural normal un-concentrated sleep. I see what your saying and that makes a lot of sense, I just thought that REM only came in later and that was that!

Unfortunatly I didn’t check the clock but I’m sure it was almost instant because it just seemed like an effortless/timeless transition between the two states…

Thanks for the reply!

I have had so many times when I’ll be thinking about something, and I’ll start dreaming about it right away… a lot of times, as soon as I start dreaming about it, I wake up, look at the clock, and it has only been a few minutes, so I am positive that you can skip right into REM.
unfortunately for me, when that happens, I usually only sleep for 3 or 4 minutes at a time. then when I actually fall asleep for good, my dream has nothing to do with what I was thinking about.