Got an idea. [AUDIO]

Ok here is an idea, not shure if it is a good or bad one. Here is what you need:

  • Mod plug tracker. (can be found at its free)
  • A microphone, this one is in a way optional
  • A dvdplayer, mp3 player, or anything suporting the mp3 format.
  • A harddrive with more than 100MB
  • A cd burner or anything that may export you mp3 file.

Here is what you do:
First you make record the words you want to with your microphone, or find a sound you accosiate with dreams. Save the sound in wav format. Now you open mod plug tracker. Click File>New>IT

Then you go into samples thing (it is next to patterns (left) and and instruments (rigth).

Click import sample on the sample menu. find your wav file and import it. now yo loaded it. You got a red shaped thing, (the sound). Now dubble click it. now the background is white, and then you rigth click it, and chose “set as loop”. Now your sound is looped. And will repeat as long as you want. now go to general, next to pattern.

Use these options:
Tempo (bpm):32
Speed: 31

now go to patterns.
Click insert patterns to times, a 0 and a 1 will appear in the boxes that used to say —. Click on the 0 box.(the insert new patterns thing looks like a textfile icon)
Under this you will find a menu that says “Instruments:” and under that it says None. Click at none, and select your sound name (the sample you imported). 01: yoursample.
Now you click at the box called 0. Under that box it says Channel 1, channel 2…
And under that again it stads “— – -- —”
Click at the 3 first dotts at the first line, it will be marked grey, and black at the 3 dotts. Click “A” at your keyboard.

Now you are almoast done. Now you need some clean patterns. Click at the “1” box.and then you click the “insert pattern” button again. Press it as many times as you need length. 1 pattern = 2:30 Min 2 patterns =5 mins. So you basicly make as many patterns as you need minutes.

Ok now to the time taking part. click: File>Save as MP3…save to desired location at your computer. on the next menu that pops up you can either click ok or limit your song. Limit your song to 1 hour (lol song, ok dreamtrack :grin: Either select how many seconds it should last at maximum. 3600 sec = 1 hour. Click ok, and your track will get exported. When that is done you burn your mp3 into a blank disk and voila you got a track with your voice or a dream que or something. Now plug it intoo your DVD or diskman or whatever and go to sleep.

I’ll try it sometime but this should be in the testing forum