Got hallucinations, now what?

Finally, i have succes with getting into SP and getting hallucinations, but:

because i had closed eyes, and i didn’t know i’m sleeping or what it was, i heard that that someone entered my room, nothing weird :grin: it was so real, and i stil felt my body, that i ignored it, but after few mins of hearing it, i opened my eyes because i wanted to know what is it, and poof! nothing was in my room and it was night :smile: i did it three times in one night, but what i have to do to get LD once i get into SP and get hallucinations? :confused:

What do you think you should do next? Lets say that you are not trying to become lucid in your dreams and that you are not trying WILD what naturally comes next?!

i forget to say that if i don’t do anything (trying to fall asleep), the hallucinations will dissapear after few mins (and i’m still awake)

You see, trying to fall asleep is everything. Because if order to dream you need to fall asleep. To dream you need to enter REM sleep and you can’t enter it if you stay awake mentally…

Even if your body is asleep = in SP your mind/brain needs to make transition as well but you are blocking it and after that you don’t have HH and you are just more awake then asleep.

HH are just the beginning of the transition but if we do all this consciously then we need to consciously fall asleep too…