Gotta Get Back Into It!

I used to be a reeeally frequent lucid dreamer, like three times a week frequent. I’ve fallen out of habit with RCs and my DC and LDs are so rare now! I’ve been trying and trying to get back into it. I’ve read other peoples DCs, posted lots on LD4all, tried EVERYTHING… but I still can’t seem to get back into the lucid dreaming zone. Help, please?! I miss my LDs… :bored:

Are you trying what worked for you before? You said you fell out of habit. It takes at least two weeks to get a habit set back in, and longer to break one. I’d suggest using the routines and habits you did before, and remember that it takes a while to get a habit back. It might not take as long to get a habit back, but it still does take some time if you’ve developed other habits.