Great frustration; I can get LD's but can't act them out

Hello everyone,

As you can read in this topic: [[WBTB] Getting lucid everynight, how come so fast?) I have no trouble at all getting lucid in a dream. Now many of you think this is good but I have troubles. I can’t do anything in them! I rant around, trying to fly, trying to levitate, trying to transform, trying all these things but all I can do is jump really high and use telekinesis. Please, I need some serious help because becoming lucid is fun indeed but if you can’t do anything in the dream it is no fun at all. I need some good tips on how to fly and do these kind of things. :cry: :cry:

Thanks for ANY help. I am really desperate to do something fun in my LDs.

Try doing things that you could do IRL but never got the chance, like flying on a broom, or doing crazy stuff!! :grin:

The thing is, as soon as I try to fly or transform, or anything like this, it just doesn’t work. This is what I need help with :cry:

Firstly, don’t take it so seriously. It’s just a momentary setback. You’ll get how to do these things in time. In the meantime try to enjoy the things you CAN do in your dreams. Lucid dreams without powers is still more fun than normal dreams, right? So enjoy each dream and keep trying, without making too big a deal out of it. One of those times it’ll work, and it’ll be great.

Ok, so it’s my road to using lucid powers :tongue: :

  1. Say “Im dreaming, this is happening olny in my head, i can control it!”
  2. Try use lucid powers. In case of failture, go back to point 1.

or just remeber that it is not real; After try or two ( AND positive thinking, you might will yourself to be unable to do anything just because you belive you cant) you must finally do it.


Ah, i’d forget to write that;p it might be low lucidicy, try also rubbing hands

Jumping out of a window or off a roof top is a good way to learn to fly, but make damm sure that you’re really dreaming… :rip: Just sort of arch your back upward as you fall until you level out and glide.

Thank you everyone! I will try this tonight when I have my LD :tongue: (autosuggestion always works :grin: )