Great idea for making LD long !

Hey guys !
I’m not a pro, i’m just throwing an idea ! (i had only one LD ^^’ )

So here’s the idea for making lucid dream longer.
You know, in DBZ there’s the “Hyperbolic time chamber”. Well, what if we imagine that in a LD ? In this chamber, time is stretched. (1 year in 1 day).
If we truly believe it, maybe time will be stretched in the dream ! Since nearly everything is possible, why not this ?

Can anyone try this out ? I’ll do it when a get LD number 2 ^^

I think that’s a great idea ^^

Worth trying out, definitely.

Thanks alot appreciated ^^

If anybody try this, please let me know how it worked :smile:

There have been similar threads like these, one of them was answered just a few days ago. The answer is simple - you can’t stretch time like that. S. LaBerge has proved, that dream time = waking life time. This is his proof (you can find the detailed explanation on his site):

So physically, there is no way you can stretch time. Each dream second that passes is equal to a real life second that passes. I understand this confusion, especially when the movie “Inception” came out, which is wrong at this point.
There has been talk that even though the physical time is the same, we can “perceive” time differently. However, this argument isn’t any better. Regardless if we dream or not, our brain is the same, our mind is the same. We have the same mental capabilities. We do not get any special mental abilities during a dream. So unless you can perceive a second in real life as a minute, you won’t be able to strech time in a dream. 20-30 minutes is the maximum dream length if you’re lucky.

Lucid dreams as long as 45 or 50 minutes have been reported.

Normal, or non-lucid dreams, can sometimes feel like they stretch over days or weeks or years. If we could lucidly observe how this happens, I would suspect that the effect is due to our dreaming mind juxtaposing scenes like in a movie.

In LDs I have literally noticed the dream setting switching from night to day, or day to night, in a matter of seconds. While lucid I didn’t feel like I’d lived a day–I simply noticed that the sun was there and then it wasn’t. Non-lucid I might feel like the dream had lasted a whole day.

You might be able to experience whole days or weeks in a lucid dream if you partially gave up your lucidity, straddling between lucid and semi-lucid, or semi-lucid and sub-lucid–after having set the intention to live a few days or weeks in an LD.

But Samyten, I think you should try your experiment. I don’t recognize the reference of “DBZ.” What is that?

Yes. The good thing about LD’s is that you can use LD prolonging and stabilizing techniques. This allows you to extend the dream time to the maximum - what the REM phase allows (which in theory could be even more than 1 hour). However, talking about everyday dreams and average lucid dreams, I wouldn’t bet any more than 30 minutes; especially since ND’s have a tendency to split up during a single sleep phase, which causes several 5-minute dreams in one phase, at least when talking about my sleep cycles.

I understand that, but we will think that alot of time passed. That’s enough for me atleast.
If it feels like it, it’s good enough.

Thank you, i will ^^
DBZ is the manga “Dragon ball Z”, like i said, there’s a place (‘hyperbolic time chamber’) were you can pass 1 year in 1 day.
If you want to try, look it up, or imagine a random room :wink:

I agree. How long it feels is what’s important.

As I said, the perception of time is the same as in WL. How long does 30 minutes feel in real life? Well, now you know, how long does a 30 minute dream feel like. :wink:

It is possible to have a dream which starts at year 2012, and ends in the year 2112, but you must realise, that it doesn’t mean that you have had a 100 year long dream. You have simply been at two points in time, but in no way shall you assume, that you’ve been dreaming during the gap between those two points.

Isn’t that wrong? Frankly, this is the first time I’ve heard that in my life. How much time you perceive in dreams is how much time has passed and I’ve had some dreams that seemed really long. There was one scientist (I think he was a scientist) who claimed that his dream felt 100 years long.

I’ve too been surprised by how little time has passed IRL.

Yes, i know. But if we have a dream in that chamber (in other words 1 year) of course one year will not have passed IRL, but we will think so, even though we know it isn’t true.
That’s our goal :wink:

Exactly ! It’s all in the head.

Well, i’m still trying to have LD number 2 ^^’
Anybody tried that yet ?

A scientist claimed that he felt his dream last 100 years? If a human being rarely lives beyond 100 years, how could he know, what 100 years of time feels like?

Most probably it’s just the “filling of the gaps” function of the brain. If you had a dream which started at 2012, and then the scene changes to year 2112, you automatically assume that the dream was very long. It’s, of course, logical to assume that, but it doesn’t mean you were dreaming during that long period of time.
Dreams can seem to last long if a lot of things happen while dreaming. A dream where you simply go outside of your house doesn’t seem to last as long as a dream where you go outside, run around, get back home, get some breakfast and then fly up through the chimney. Even if the duration of these dreams were the same, you would guess, that the second one lasted longer, since your brain involuntarely assumes, that if more things happened, it had to take up more time. As I mentioned somewhere in another topic, we humans are awful at guessing the amount of time that passed, since we measure time by the quantity of actions in a dream. Anyways, if you succeed in having a 100 year long dream, good for you. Just, so you know, it’s not scientifically possible, according to S. LaBerge proof I posted a few posts above.

Well, I’m not saying you are definitely wrong but it’s against all I’ve known about dreams. How could such a thing have been proven anyway?

Well, of course we can estimate 100 hundred years kind of from experience. We multiply what we already know and get the rough idea.

I don’t think his scene just changed from those two years, because in order for him to tell that his dream felt 100 years, he must have remembered many things that happened between those two years. Besides, he didn’t have to measure time, it just felt like it to him.

So, my point is, dream time = real time (otherwise it wouldn’t make sense) but we just perceive it differently :smile:

I had dreams that not just felt long, but I had tons of actual memories lasting x more times than the time passed in reality.
Mostly in the morning when I woke up and sleep back.
But you can easily check it for yourself if you set your alarm clock to a certain time, get woken up then hit the snooze button for another 10 min. You don’t even need to check the time. Be fast and do not allow your mind to get accomodated to awakeness (so don’t pay attention to anything else). If you can sink back fast and deep enough, then you can dream again. And because you’re most likely get dragged out of it by an outer force (your alarm clock), there’s a bigger chance you might remember your dream too and how long it felt.
Then compare it to that 10 minutes IRL time.

It might be less but on certain occasions (maybe on most occasions) but it can also be more and not just feel like that but the actual happenings can last more than 10 min.

It is definitely possible that our time perception is way different in lucid dreams.
Most people with a job are very familiar with the phenomenon that one hour in the morning passes quickly like hell, and then at the workplace one hour suddenly takes forever. :grin:

Indeed. ^^
Ok this night i’ll try hard for my second LD.
I’ll try this and tell you all how it happened :smile:
Except if i fail… :tongue: