Great idea for WILD

I got a great idea. When you are doing a wild, have your forearm pointing up, with your elbow touching the bed. Do this while on your back. If you can keep your conciousness enough to keep your arm up- Great! If you start falling asleep, your arm will drop and wake you up.

I think this was mentioned in the way back in the BIG WILD topic. I don’t remember what the outcome for it was though.

well im going to try it tonight. it seems like a wonderful idea. hehe.

i had really intense dream like situations… and i tried wilding before i had slept at all.

I’d give it a go, except poking my arm out from under the cover would probably result in it snapping off. If it wouldn’t almost certainly cause fire and/or death, I’d sleep wrapped around my heater this time of year.

lol at atheist

Im not understanding why this would be good for using WILD… if you kept waking up then wouldnt you not be able to get to sleep?

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Because, if you started to lose consciousness you would wake up, so you wouldnt become unconscious… I think… until you finally succeed at WILD.

I dont think it would work though, because wouldnt holding your arm up require too much concentration to let you fall asleep?

I doubt this would work too well. It would help when it came to concentration, but I think it would be harder to fall asleep. I guess it is possible though. I used to tap my foot or hand on the bed to keep myself awake when I was almost asleep and needed to stay up. When I did that it would work for awhile, but then I would just black out.

It seems like doing the ‘sun eye’ meathod should keep you good enough awake to make it into a dream. … neye01.htm

Hmm, i tried this a year ago or something… I don’t remember anything special, i couldn’t really relax with my arm pointing up like that, so after ½ hour i got tired and let it go. Required too much concentration, and my muscles wouldn’t really relax completely.
Maybe it will work for someone else though, i’ve read about it in a couple of FAQ’s too.

My thinking is that it would not work well for me because I think it would take too much awareness to focus on keeping my arm up. Also, I generally do not like to pay attention to my real body while doing WILD.

Hmm, I was sleeping with my arm in the air just the other morning and I had an LD at the same time. (Okay–the arm thing was just a fluke, but it fit in with the thread.)

when you find the balance point of your arm you dont use much muscle, just a little tiny bit to balance. it becomes sort of a meditation thing, letting it flow. you’ll find the balance after trying it a bit. it takes as much effort as putting your eyes in the back of your head.

Has it worked for you yet?

funny, i just remembered that i tried this last night…

i hit the point where i should be paralyzed, but i’m not, but I halfway think I am, and then I can’t go to sleep for the life of me because I"ve been screwing around with brainwaves for too long, and my CD was over…

so… I was trying to fall asleep and was restless, I put my arm all the way up in the air like i was asking a question and felt the way it wavered

I don’t recall what it did but I think eventually it’d slowly slump downwaird and i’d readjust it, and I think it made me tired pretty quickly and helped me fall asleep once I decided to put it down.

Maybe I’ll give that a try to combat insomnia and induce sleep quickly…

well, i just tried it again last night, and for the second time i’ve gotton really intense HI. I think the secret to doing this is finding the balance in the joint of your elbow. I found theres a certain spot that you dont really have to put any strain or power into the muscle, just being awake seems to keep it up. the minute i fall asleep it hits the futon though. :happy:

thats a good idea, I’ll try it

For those who feel uncomfortable having their arm up theres an alternative…hold a bunch of keys in your hand and your hand little bit off the bed…you can also use a little metall ball or something making slight/medium noise.
Might help
good luck:)

jack thats a pwnage idea. ill use meditation balls.

Meh, my arm would just hurt…

Anyway, it’ll just keep on waking you up, so you’d have to start WILD all over again? I mean, it’d stop you from failing… but it could keep you awake all night…

if it keeps you awake at night then don’t do it. But the thing about this is it doesn’t really “Wake you up from the wild.” if the ball drops and you dont have HI you were falling asleep. You can choose to do something about the arm dropping or not because it gives you a little bit more conciousness.

Oh- I tried it with the meditation balls over the side of the bed. I dropped them 3 times last night from falling asleep and it woke me up each time. Seemed like little to no effort keeping them in my hands.