great results a movie that induces lucid dreams and obe's

Hi everyone,

Last night i saw the Hulk movie at home, i managed to get hold of a studio screening DVD. Anyway i was disturbed through out the day watching it, i started watching the first 45 mins the day before yesterday in the late after noon and then yesterday from the late afternoon to the evening and then i went to bed an hour after that. Anyway i had this strange experience that was related to the film, the movie must of triggered it because i had similar experiences to the film. You will know what i mean when you go and watch it, unless you already have seen it.
I don’t want to spoil it for you people by telling you what happend, i would just say go out on watch the movie.

Any way i want to know if what i have had you think is a lucid dream.
So far i have had 2 lucid dreams and they have laster under 30 seconds but this, one last night was really quite unique and the first one with me looking at my watch, i don’t do reality checks and i don’t keep a dream journal, i only write down my dreams if i think i was near lucid like this one i am writing down. Anyway i don’t wear a digital watch just a normal one where you see the hands ticking, when i saw it in the dream it looked the same as in the pyschical world.

Now what happend was i suddenly was looking at a mirror in the bathroom, now the mirror is on the wall that is facing towards the right side of my bed. So i can see a bit of my bed when i am in this ensuite bathroom, this ofcourse is only how it looks in my dream, becasue i don’t have an ensuite bathroom in the pyschical world.

Now in my dreams i never do see mirrors but in this one i see the mirror i am facing it i can see my reflections and it is crystal clear, suddenly i look at my left hand and look at my watch, now the room is bright and my bedroom is also bright, and clear. my watch says 9:20 then i say to myself ‘look again to make sure’ and while i do it i think to myself make it change and when i look again the hands have moved. Now at this point i started i think to getting lucid but i really am not sure, thats why i am here asking you people the experts, anyway now i can’t remeber quite what the time it changed to so i hae to make it up here lets say 10:10, the thing is i am making this time up is because i know it changed becasue i was there and it chaned about 4 times maybe 5 times.

Now after i notice this then i say to myself i am lucid, then i look into the mirror and see myself and i touch it and think wow, but thats it, and i move onto my next dream.

which is now where it become really strange i think i was onset to a NDE
i was being driven in my mums car by mum down this road near a harbour and i saw my life flashing infront of my eyes i saw myself skiing infront of my right eye it was so fast so amazing but then that was like it i can’t remeber what was the rest.

i had other dreams of being in a shopping mall which looked the same to the one i had the night before but i keep on being seen with famous people i was looking at something with the actress jeniffer conelly who is in the movie hulk.

please does anyone know why i had this, other times when i watch movies that are said to make you lucid i don’t get lucid what was it about this film.

but in general what is this that i have just had, is it a lucid dream.
The thing is, this week i have had 2 contionous nights before like of out of body sensations, one night it was a few second of pulling in the right side of my head and the other night after star gazing i think, my room and field of view in pitch black was greatly increased.

Have i just experienced a lucid dream aswell have i been on the onset of having an out of body experience, infact has anyopne had what i have just had.

Please help thank you.

Yours honeyjigga

I thought by now i was going to get a reply
please help