Greetings, i'm a newb

:cool: hey everyone!
I’m new here. I’ve just heard about lucid dreaming not too long ago, and it took to my interest immediatly! These kinds of things always come to my attention.

I’ve been really practicing and studying lucid dreaming for the past 2 weeks or so, and I love trying to go lucid while asleep. I have been succesful quite often but I always wake up in a short time when I’m lucid, must be because of the excitement or other unknown reasons. I’d love to get better at this abbility, any tips or suggestions would be awsome!
If you want to get to know me better or just talk, PM me anytime!

Oh, right, I forgot…I remeber when I was preatty young I had a lucid by a total accident, and I remember it perfectly to this day. I’ll post it some time later in another thread, so, ya…

talk to you all later :cool_laugh:

when i started out i couldn’t sustain an LD for more than a few seconds. give it time… it’ll come, a big part of it is remaining calm, which is easier said than done. you might also want to try spinning when you notice the dream fades, and if you wake up in your bed after you spin make sure to do a reality check you might still be dreaming (happened to me a couple tiems)

but most of all… have fun

Phunky1! Welcome to the LD4ALL forum^_^

Glad u find LDing interesting! The 2st time u get lucid they might be very short…this is due mainly to the excitment. As u get more and more LDs…u will learn to be calmer once u realize u are dreaming therefore staying lucid longer. Here are some tips i came up with that might help u :content: :

  • read through the forum b4 going to sleep(the idea of LDs in general will stick with u and luckily u will get lucid)
  • do RCs(reality checks) often during the day(this will help u do them in your dream without u realizing it)
  • keep a dream journal if u want
  • join a dream team(this helps keeping u motivated and its very fun^_^. Here is the adress if u wish to visit it:
  • do MILD
  • chat with ppl in the wonderful chatroom about lucid dreaming and other stuff conserning ‘Dreaming’
  • have an Intention (if u dont have an intention of having a lucid dream…then why try having it? A common intention is wanting to fly…something that cant be done IRL(in real life)…without the help of a floating device anyway… :tongue: )
  • like oNeiRoMAnCEr said…have FUN !!!
    Good luck :slight_smile:

Hey bro, welcome, you got the same problem i do. Once im lucid i have the tendency to wake up within a min or so. Its not that i get over excited or anything i actually remain quite calm. I just have a problem with me blinking my eyes in the dream and then i wake up. Ill make sure i dont do it again but if u have a problem with everything going black just stay with it, dont wake up just stay with it and think of a paticular place and hopefully it will pop up. Peace and goodluck